1. Please keep at saftey

  2. He can play I hope he can get it for D or special teams. True football player. Let's go Dallas Cowboys life get these Ring's for us real Cowboys 😎 forever

  3. Can you do a vid on the FS from Baylor?

  4. He gonna play no doubt about it kris richard makes this late picks better everything is falling in place for the defense this year can’t wait for preseason this young bucks are gonna play a lot !

  5. If he works on speed he can get into special teams for sure

  6. Good football player, hope he can put on some weight to play that linebacker position!

  7. like the alpha dog attitude, thanks LN

  8. Plus, Dallas has him listed as a LB going into OTAs.

  9. Kam Kelly is wayyyy better than this cat.

  10. If you don't have speed In the NFL and you are trying to play cornerback that is the wrong position for you… YOU WILL get burned.

  11. His profile has him listed at 6'3" 220. Either way talk about finding a diamond in the rough, this guy is electrifying!!! Kudos to Dallas Cowboys scouts.

  12. Don’t see him making the team unless it’s practice squad

  13. Holy shit he’s slow

  14. Tight ends play up close to the line in the box.

  15. Man, if he was just 2/10 of a second faster on that 40 yard, I’m sure he would be a starter… crazy how a fraction of a second makes a big difference. He has all the skills needed except speed.

  16. good video law…. great work bro!

  17. I see a linebacker honestly

  18. Wow… that dude rocks!

  19. Law, I think he might be a good kid, in the dime packages

  20. I dont see a LB. I see FS. Reminds me of the Green bay Charles woodson

  21. This guy is a true steal. Very instinctive. Thats hard to find in DB.

  22. Just put him in coach!! Too bad he can't wear #21. He's hungry too.

  23. Why not put him at safety?

  24. Been fun watching you master your craft bro. Glad you didn’t let that bs stop you!

  25. The next Thomas Davis.

  26. I doubt he make the team, I don't see NFL potential, but we'll see.

  27. Why lb? Just let him play strong safety.

  28. Forgot we got him. Thanks law

  29. He's fraizers replacement

  30. Bulk him up make em a LB LVE, Smith and queiro sounds good to me

  31. Been waiting on his breakdown for a long time

  32. Thanks for watching The Dallas Cowboys | Quick Film Session on Kyle Queiro…..

  33. What up Law? How many UDFA do you think make the 53 man squad?

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