1. U dont touch lve, he is hot right now…i would play all 3

  2. Damn! I mean Sean Lee! Is still Sean Lee!!

  3. Mark La'el was also getting run over on his side, now what do we do, we leave it as is, it's working, rotate Lee in to spell LVE and or Jaylon, or use him in some 3 LB situations, I would also utilize whom ever was used to cover for T Smith, play him, but then let the other LT go in and spell him during the game and keep him on the field… the other guy did a pretty good job last game, and this is keeping you always injured players from having to play 60 mins….maybe we have then in the playoffs where we may just need em.

  4. They should LEAVE S.Lee where je is on sidelines 🀠

  5. Hey mark. I'm in the Woodbridge area and we build decks and fences. Really nice work. I want to show you some pics and hopefully exchange some business. Big dallas cowboys fan and we both are in home improvement and in the Dmv area. My email browntye12@yahoo.com

  6. Due to lve having his neak problem and lee's proneness too injury I would think to roll them out as interchangeable parts. Have two similar players subbing out and having hella stamina left would make big 4th quarter changing plays happen.

  7. Sorry Eagles… Come on man… Fly Eagles Fly! πŸ™‚

  8. This special ed cowboys fan think cowgirls go win something

  9. 4-3 keep our linebackers on the field

  10. are you subbed to nfl channel on utube? I am and there's a ton of their vids on my subscription icon! a ton! so don't ever worry about posting to much or many videos! β˜†β˜†β˜†

  11. the problem is Lee gets hurt all 3 weeks . LVE is young and strong. Jalen and LVE as LB and Lee behind them as insurance policy. Thats what i would do. Lee is expierence enough to to this.

  12. The faster we put Lee in the faster he will get hurt again

  13. If the Dallas Cowboys like Chris Ritchie go I will officially hate them because of him I defense is the way it is and only head and if they let him go to Green Bay that's it no more dallas with me

  14. Jerry Jones says when Sean Lee is healthy he's the starter. Jason Garrett says when Sean Lee is oh wait, I forgot, Jason Garrett doesn't have a say in this situation whatsoever. My bad y'all. Lolll

  15. I wouldn't put Sean Lee in. Defense is in the zone. Let the tackling Dutchman play.

  16. It just means we can plug and play keeping legs fresh… Jimmy did it

  17. Move Connor to RT and move Collins back inside where he belongs. Conner is more of a quick o lineman that can probably go outside and be ok. Collins is the mauler that we need inside I think it would be better that way

  18. As my daddy says you wish you had their problems. Who would of thought Lee coming back we all would be wondering if he should start. Love problems like this. The main thing Lee brings is the knowledge and experience. Love definitely has the knowledge and wits just lacks exp. I think with our defense already doing lights out adding Lee will help in small ways most people will. Not only does he know where to go and can Sniff out like lve he can help the others to with his generalship. Like telling a guy to move one step to the left and so on. Again wnat a problem to have.

  19. I don't want Lee to start, LVE Trying to get that DROY

  20. I don't know is Lee can handle the strong side, with out getting hurt that is? Unfortunately he is injury prone and the strong side might be to much to ask. LVE might be wasted on the strong side. with his speed he can cover better than Lee, he's faster can make more plays from the weak side. Lee is such a smart LB it is such a waste to hot have him on the field, I just don't think his body can take it. He would make one hell of a LB coach, look at what he has done with LVE. I don't know, no easy answer, play Lee till he gets hurt again? Then make him a coach.

  21. Sean Lee should just be a coach don't get me wrong he's a beast when he's healthy but his time is pretty much over his mind is telling him" GO"but his body is saying "NO"

  22. Sean Lee is really good but he should rotate with LVE to lower the odds of injury to his hamstring

  23. Suafub is better at the point of attack than Conor Williams right now so keep him as a starters

  24. Ok Cowboy fans…we got some swagger now…and there is only 1 thing that can ruin it…the players….I say we run the tables…if we run out of teams to beat we get to the super bowl….now that would be a MERRY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  25. Lee will replace wilson

  26. I wouldn't take LVE out love Sean lee but LVE is much faster the chemistry between him and Jaylon are on point I would rotate lee with Damien

  27. Is it just me or is there a lot of similarities between this team and the team they had in the 90’s? Amari Cooper the new Michael Evrin. Michael Gallop the new Alvin Harper. Elliot the new Emmit Smith. We don’t have the new Novichek because witten retired but maybe pick one up in the next draft. Not saying there gonna win 3 Super Bowls in 4 years but I think there trying to put a team like that together again.

  28. Once Tyron comes back this is the best 5: (LT) Smith; (LG) Collins: (C) Looney; (RG) Martin; (LT) Fleming…Obvious

  29. Finally! A good problem!

  30. I see 2016 again with regards to Lee and Vanderish. What I’m saying is in 2016 Romo is injured and Dak takes his place and plays well. Same thing Jerry said when Romo is healthy he is the starter. So now it’s Lee vs. Vanderish and I’m guessing Lee won’t be here next year.

  31. I think those are good problems to have.. Damn we gonna drop 40 burger on em… Go Cowboys!!!

  32. Mark Holmes you rock. I am service manager over lumber at lowes. We are one of the few stores with a drive thru yard. Anyway go cowboys

  33. Sue ah fee loo. Brother. Lol

  34. I think Lee is the type of leader that knows he needs to let the Wolf Hunter hunt!! And he has probably already been in coach claps ear sayn LVE needs to start… I wouldnt be surprised…

  35. Connor Williams needs to be groomed as a tackle he's better suited for that, maybe he can tyron a break win he needs it. The current guy that's in there needs to be the starter

  36. Hell nah. Leave him or rotate. Save his hamstring

  37. I heard one of the coaches in an interview after the saints game. Xavier is battling through injury. He is not 100% and they mentioned how he held up as best as he could.

  38. Its easy no brainer, play Sean Lee if he can play. Play Vander wherever he can play. Easy peasey most teams would like to have that decision. Sean Lee knows the Eagles better than anybody, and Vander plays lights out. I think more important will be the pressure on the QB from front four. And of course Amari and Zeke and Prescot.

  39. πŸ€” can Lee catch a football? We should try him out at TE..😬

  40. no one expected LVE to be the LVE we know right now & NO ONE doubted Sean Lee's ability when he's healthy! LVE was going to sit the pine as long as Lee & Smith were healthy anyway. LVE had to learn every position so why not move him to Strong & take the underrated Damien Wilson off the field? Now you put Lee back at Weak & leave Smith in the middle! Every one is on the field with Wilson & Thomas as better than avg. back ups!

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