1. Tom Brady couldn't win with this pass block

  2. Redskins got that ass,,,,,Adrian ran all over the cowboys,,,,,,,good job Redskins

  3. Y’all STINK Tired of this BS Offense STINK

  4. Go Dallas beat the Deadskins 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. How can Some Dallas fans just hate this man so much. Such a damn leader….smh (cut em Dallas I dare ya..)

  6. Fuck the haters I believe in you dak! 😁

  7. Go dakster let Dakamanina run wild on those suckskins

  8. I want for Xmas is a new QB

  9. I wanna believe in u Dak, but you're gonna have to step it up or get to stepping! You're the QB of the Dallas Cowboys! Have some pride about yourself man! PROVE ME WRONG!! It would be great if I'm wrong, but IDK man, you're hot n cold, and that ain't gonna cut it!

  10. Dak and the boys are the future. Go COWBOYS NATION. KICK ASS TOMORROW.

  11. I can't wait for the game tomorrow! I hope Dallas and Dak have a great game. The media and even some of the so called Cowboys fans think the game against the Jags was a fluke. Now had it been some other team, the praise would be raining down.

  12. How bout Dak..just play to win

  13. Um I don't see Craig Robinson

  14. "Dis Dak get smacked"

  15. This team is gonna be great and the fan base is amazing ❗

  16. Someone shut this lieing FOOL'S mouth up! Ain't shit gonna change happen til the owner starts affecting PAYROLL with their shitty ass plays! You play like shit as usual your paycheck reflects it! STFU FOOL!

  17. Here is the facts and Information I Gathered to make my conclusion

    Tony Romo Sat with 3 years to Learn football and That's HUGE being prepared in plays and making your own playmaking
    (EXAMPLES Tom Brady,Peyton Manning, Drew Bress, Tony Romo, who are masters changing plays at line)

    Tom WHEN drafted was 6th
    Horrible Combine
    And looked a Average Guy who can pass for a Cashier
    WHEN he played he carried that chip with him
    And is Under a Great Coach of this decade Bill belichick
    Troy Aikman Had Jimmy Johnson
    When you have Coaches who are focused soley in Scoring and Winning no matter what it takes Because a lost is like almost a disappointment to them.
    And they dont care about how many points you put up because if you slow down it shows you're not winner and will be bench maybe cut
    There direct forward with you because they want you do the same for them when on the field
    In order to Succeed

    Compare his Help around him and theres much making his ceiling Increase

    Kellen More A Qb coach are you fucking Kidding Me how does a back up the Guy you took his Football Career and Any chance thinking he was NFL starter QB become you're Coach?
    Cough Jerry Jones

    Should I clap for who I'm about the Next Jason Garrett no Energy from at all Reminds me of a cheerleader 2 cheerleading Teams. Basically is what have offensively

    Defense Thank Heavens we got Kris Richard and Hopefully He does not Leave becomes Head Coach he has the Defensive Playing Lights Out.
    Look where our defense ranks in now just with adding him

    Think that will be the greatest move we make all year for now.

    Point is Dak NEEDS HELP IN
    1. Coaching
    2. Better Offensive PlayCalling
    3. A way better receiving core(example look what the Lions,Falcons,Giants are Building)

  18. F the cowboys. Tell Zeke stop showing his ugly belly button when he dresses. HTTR..

  19. Need to improve the dinking and daking . Sling the rock deep we got speed no excuse

  20. The coaches wait till week 7 to get the offense together to have a discussion on what’s going wrong?!?!

    I pray everyday that Garrett and Linehan get fired SMH

  21. No nonsense. This guy is old-school. Tells It straight. That is a Leader.

  22. The game plan y'all had for the Jags should be the same for the Washington Redskins.
    Until someone stop it, keep running, just use different looks.

  23. That Dak Attack !!! 🏈

  24. Interesting stat: Romo and Dak (starting quaterbacks) are 6-0 against the Redskins (2014-now) and the Redskins only victory since 2013 being against Brandon Weeden (2015) with Romos injury. The Cowboys were 1-11 without Tony Romo as their starting QB that year , the one victory was Matt Cassel starting vs the Redskins. Then Dak stepped in and has recorded a 4-0 record against them. One of the most dominated rivalries in the past half decade.

  25. That's my quarterback Dak

  26. You sound focused and ready for them this week, Dak. LETS DO THIS !!! GO COWBOYS !!!

  27. Dak to the future bitches. hate all you want fake ass cowboys fans. He tied the Ben Roethlisberger 2004 rookie record of winning 13 games as a starter. His NFL passer rating of 104.9 broke Robert Griffin III's rookierecord of 102.4 set in 2012. His 0.87% interception to attempts (459-4) broke the rookie record of 1.27% (393-5) set by Robert Griffin III.Wentz and Prescott had been exchanging the rookie record after having broken the Chad Hutchinson record of 95 set in 2002. Prescottfinished his 2016 rookie regular season with a record 11 games with an over 100 NFL passer rating, breaking the rookie record of 9 games set by Russell Wilson in 2012.

  28. can yall please increase the volume on these, you're at like a 6 max volume of 10 compared to other videos

  29. Slay "Dumbo" and the Redskins Dak/Cowboys.

  30. DAK TRASHCOTT.. You are 0 and 3 on the road and can't throw over 200 yards….you are trash!

  31. I believe in Dak. And those who have played football are with me and those who dont have a bone of football in their body don’t know shit 🙄

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