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  2. Thank God the jets got him and his accuracy on the run is great

  3. Oh wait so the shittiest teams you name and you ain’t even think of the Jets

  4. He’s a greedy moron.

  5. Yeah your right his accuracy and his ability to throw was seriously constrained to this offense his wr's made bone head mistakes allowing him to force and make terrible miscues.. great read on sam darnold game going forward into pro level..

  6. also Darnold like with Luck is Colin Cowherd's man-crush

  7. Sam Darnold's accuracy is one of his strengths.

  8. That first pass in the clip is perfect example of why the Browns are just broken. I mean he throws a laser 40 yards standing still. Mayfield would drop that 10 yards short easy as he has to really wind up to make the same throw, but he isn't getting the time and he's obviously short and slow too boot. Ahh the Browns, you really lucked out Sam:)

  9. Lol that play with hitch route, the corner knew more about the play call then the receiver did, that's just one example of what Darnold had to deal with and why his numbers were what they were, in the pros he's going to look alot better, dumb browns and giant, but thank the Jets took him.

  10. IMO this dude is one of the most overhyped prospects in years. I'm one of the few Browns fans that are actually happy with what they did yesterday.

  11. Welcome to New York kid!

  12. J E T S JETS JETS JETS, and bro stop changing the sound of every one of your last words, its not necessary lol

  13. Jets! Jets! Jets!

  14. I find it almost humorous that Darnold's fumble-ite-is is no big deal. He's a turnover machine, fumbling and throwing interceptions in the Red Zone consistantly. One of the leaders in this category in the NCAA. Why this fact is ignored should challenge the view that he is supposed to be a 'safe' pick. He is NOT the concensus best quarterback in this draft.

  15. Least favorite of the 5 quarterbacks. Guarantee he will be a bust.

  16. very good video Samuel…..thank you for helping me understand more about darnold, football and scouting 🙂

  17. agree andrew luck and darnold are the same dude, but what about the USC Curse? No great QBs have come from USC….is Darnold going to break the curse?

  18. Just as far as looks go , darnold looks like Peyton Manning… just the way he moves ,, obviously Manning was one of the most polished qbs but I just keep seeing Manning when Sam moves around… not that im saying he the next Peyton or anything.

  19. Darnold is a guy that the more I watch him the more I like him. He needs help with his footwork, but that is very teachable. He also gets a lot of hate for hos turnovers, but who better to learn from than Tyrod Taylor?

  20. Weakness: Accuracy on the run? Pffft…. probably his greatest strength. Take a lap.

  21. Mayfield takes care of the ball, much better.

  22. No USC QB has ever been successful in the pros fact

  23. This was a great video. He is my favorite QB prospect in this draft. I think he has the highest floor and ceiling.

  24. It's already decided that the Browns are taking him

  25. Every highlight I see of Darnold he's either in shotgun formation or pistol formation. I watched the USC vs UCLA game and he's always in shotgun or pistol. I've never seen him under center. Josh Rosen is miles ahead of Darnold but if the guy expresses some personality then red flag. If Rosen falls down draft due to always questioning why a play would work and for not being a company man then someone is going to get a steal. If he drops below the top 10 I'd say watch out for the Chargers to trade up to get rivers successor

  26. Good leader, Great teammate.

  27. Sam Darnold reminds me of a young Troy Aikman

  28. No health issues. Darnold's footwork & throwing motion needs cleaning, but his quick release showed improvement

  29. Sam throws the ball like a dart. Very quick, twitchy, can scramble. Good accuracy, even though his O-Line & receiving corp. were average

  30. With the strengths and weaknesses listed, I just don't understand how Darnold is a good pick at 2 but Lamar Jackson is a risk. Darnold's weaknesses were the same if not worse. You list mechanics, TURNOVERS, and throwing on the run as weakness. In the Jackson video you say accuracy is primary for QB, but those weaknesses listed dont speak well to that. Just an observation.

  31. He looks like he strains to throw the ball as if he has to give it all he has to throw the ball down the field.

  32. Nice video Mr. Gold. Who do you have ranked 1-5 in this QB class?

  33. Hmmmm how is his weaknesses worst than Lamar’s but he’s a lock first round?

  34. NFL Games are Rigged Sam Darnold is a Hoax

  35. Mason Rudolph next please.

  36. Barkley will be picked by browns

  37. For some reason im getting Nick Foles vibes

  38. Darnold the GOAT knew it was on him and he went out there week after week after week and made a trash USC team highly competitive. Hail the GOAT.

  39. Make a video on Maryland WR DJ Moore!

  40. Nice 1! Really looking forward to the Lamar Jackson one!

  41. Andrew Luck never led the nation in turnovers LOL Andrew Luck had a prototypical throwing motion and great footwork.

    Sam darnold will be a huge bust 👎👎👎

  42. If Josh Rosen is number 1 and Darnold is second who would be third? Jackson or Mayfield?

  43. Let's not forget how Darnold had to play behind the second string O-Line this season

  44. best breakdowns on youtube hands down

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