1. If Vea falls that low be concerned . Watch the movie Draft Day.

  2. As a rule 2nd year from ACL plus is far better then year after recovery.

  3. Where you guys at the Dulles Expo CSA?

  4. I love the fact that you have Law Nation on there with the commentary. I love both of your pages.

  5. Mark man I luv ya I look forward to seeing the show all the time but I just want to run this past u I think u need to fine away to get the names from the super chats done so u can focus on the show maybe when your live have mike Anthony take down the super chats and write them down and let u know who they are so u can give them shoutouts because your show is growing like crazy so that's something I wanted to run pass u then it's one less thing for u to worry about and focus on the show better.

  6. Will Hernandez at 19 is an awful pick. He’s an early 2nd rounder. The only reason he should be our first pick is if we trade back which I almost think we should unless Vea or a lb falls to us

  7. Steve Wilks was a DB coach, and Mike Glennon is backing Bradford up, I think Cardinals would get an OLB or a FS. They already had Budda Baker as SS last draft.

  8. Mark and law nation y'all got it down pack new guys keep grinding

  9. Rd 1 Wynn guard Georgia Rd 2 James Washington wr. Osu Rd. 3 Josie Jewell lb Iowa

  10. Great video to you guys

  11. While I want the Cowboys to draft a WR…if Veta Vea (or whatever his name is) or….a stud DE (since I have doubt that Gregory and Tapper can be counted on) is available at 19….DRAFT HIM!!!! I want ALL the opposing QBs to EAT DIRT this season.

  12. Defense wins Champions period

  13. Nonsense….Jason Garrett WILL change….his deodorant. That way he won't offend when he sweat while clapping.

  14. Vea is good in 1st half fades in second. Go with james or minkah if there gone smith vander esch evans or payne 1st round atleast

  15. "Whatever the hell that shit it…" πŸ˜‚ busted out laughing man…

  16. Voch sold me on Hernandez point blank! If the plan isn't to trade UP then realistically I'm sold on OG!

  17. Hi everybody! Great Show!

  18. Vander esech, however it's spelled.. Let it happen dude is for real.

  19. I’m a Hall of Fame QB

  20. Was a blast, i apologize on the Arians mix up! I totally forgot he left…Lamar is still the pick though

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