1. sorry rueben is just another problem child for the redskins as if this team isn't screwed up enough . we have a GM that find talent and can't keep good talent. i've been a skins fan for 35 yrs , no longer. i've given up my season tickets no longer .

  2. Reuben foster and brown should start next year and hamilton in the backup… we need do to an impossible thing and get antonio brown

  3. Y'all want any other former SF players? Kap maybe?

  4. I thought the state still charges even if spouse drops… oh, wait money.

  5. What was San Fran thinking…

  6. LOL. Kareem Hunt can help your football team. Hell Greg Hardy too. Why stop with Reubin?

  7. Good video by the way as always!!!!

  8. Oh yeah we DEFINITELY need to switch back to a 4-3 defense

  9. And Guice backup Peterson? You must be high Guice is better than him right now

  10. Nobody believes Doug made that decision except you

  11. What! fire the defensive coach. How well do you think a defense can play great when majority of the time they are on the field. The offense was just in shambles.

    The defense just can’t be on the field most of the game. I don’t who’s defense is the best bc it’s a different story when the offense not sustaining meaningful drives on the regular. I will say this again like I said it last season. The strengthening and conditioning program is awful based on 24 injury DJ was fired bc one he criticized how lay back conditioning were.

    I promise again if that don’t change we will see the injury pile up once again. We need to stop ignoring the elephant in the room.

  12. Marijuana charges are over rated. and so are the gun charges

  13. Now we can let Mason foster walk an maybe keep Zack

  14. Todd Bowles or Jack Del Rio would be a good choice for a DC.

  15. I'm putting this on you channel cause it needs to be talked about. Did you know the new stadium design as of now is only 60,000 seats when we currently have 82,000. I dont think fans will be happy especially if we start doing good again with 22,000 seats less

  16. If I were the Redskins, here is what I'd do for 2019:
    a. hope the NFL indeed awards you what was reported for compensatory picks (3rd,2 5ths, and a 6th)
    b Attempt to trade Zach Brown and Samaje Perine together for a 2019 #5th rounder
    c. Attempt to trade Josh Norman, Troy Apke, and a 2019 #7 for a 2019 #4th rounder
    d.In FA sign, attempt to sign:
    Bradley Roby CB (for around 9 mil.yr)
    Landon Collins SS (for around 9 mi yr)
    Jonathan Hankins DL (for around 4 mil yr)
    AJ Cann, Guard (for around 2mil yr)
    e. Cut the following: Vernon Davis, Mason Foster
    F. Let the following walk in FA: Preston Smith, Jamison Crowder, Rob Kelly
    G. Of your own FA's resgin: Shawn Laovao (this time, as a backup swing Guard only), Ty Nsheke, Adrian Peterson, Caleb Brantley

    4. Draft:
    1. OLB
    2. FS
    3a FB/TE
    3b DB
    4 QB
    5a ILB
    5b OLB
    5c QB
    5d C/G
    6 TE

    Your defense would be:

    Defensive Line – great starters and great depth with Hankins addition
    NT – Payne, Settle
    DE – Ionnidois, Hankins
    DE – Allen, McGee, Brantley

    Linebackers – potential speed at inside, and potential improvement with pass rush with 1st round pick speed rusher
    ILB – Dion-Hamilton, Vigil
    ILB – Reuben Foster, 2019 #5a, Harvey-Clemons
    OLB – Kerrigan, 2019 #5b
    OLB – 2019 #1, Ryan Anderson

    Secondary – improved, young group
    DB – Roby, 2019 #3b
    DB – Dunbar, Moreau, 5th corner battle between A. Alexander, Holsey, Stroman, D. Johnson and other schlubs
    SS – L. Collins, Everrett
    FS – 2019 #2, Nicholson

    i've done the math, they could do all of this and still have about 3.5 mill in cap space. Trouble is, (1) the skins are stupid and would never listen to me and this plan is not sexy enough for them and (2) L. Collins and B. Roby can be franchised by their current respective teams

    On offense, it would look like:

    Offensive Line – AJ Cann from Jax is a similar talent level of Laovao with the big difference being he stays healthy
    C – Roullier, 2019 #5d (G)
    G – AJ Cann, S. Laovao
    G – Scherrff
    LT – Williams, Nsheke (G)
    RT – Moses, G. Christian

    TEs and Receivers – this group wont inspire much but hey, in ONE offseason, my plan turns the defense into a top 5 YOUNG unit with 5 bonafide pass rushers, speed at inside linebacker, add'l depth on the line, great pair of young safeties and good corner depth. Can fix more of the offense in 2020. Keep Reed for 1 more year, same with Doctson, Quinn can take over Crowder's role because I wouldnt plan on using a slot WR a lot….inside, the key to this draft would be to find a FB/TE who can be an excellent lead blocker in the run game and a pass receiver of Cooley/Frank Wycheck level as a TE. You can have this guy along with Reed on the field most of the time giving you excellent mid range targets while IMPROVING the run game with this blocker.

    TE – J. Reed, J. Sprinkle, 2019 #6
    WR – J. Doctson, M. Harris, some schlub like R. Davis
    WR – P. Richardson, T. Quinn

    FB – 2019 #3a (this guy is the key!)
    RB – A. Peterson, D. Guice, C. Thompson, B. Marshall
    QB – C. McCoy, 2019 #4, 2019 #5c, A. Smith (IR'd)

  17. Great vid man still my fav youtuber and i agree with everything u said!! HTTR

  18. Ruben Foster is still getting 6 games and you have to hope he is not the next Rolando McClain

  19. Watched your videos every week starting midway thru this season and GOD DAMN it is a different vibe when we actually have some positive news surrounding this team

  20. Ruben foster + Shaun Hamilton. Foster and zack brown gotta go

  21. I love ur hat! Where can I find with the Maryland outline on the side like urs

  22. Regardless how this Ruben Forster thing plays out, we're still getting killed by the media and all the Redskins haters!

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