1. Can Dak throw for over 4000 yards

  2. Dal needs to trade for OBJ & move Dez to TE or cut him.

  3. No Vita vae a strong safety or linebacker good wide receiver in the second pick like James washington

  4. Lol we are turning up now.

  5. Get bowman! And we ready for the draft

  6. Right on point Mark.We have to match philly and other top Nfc teams in talent and gameplanning..And big man from Washington forgot his name was even hustling on special teams just the type of Defensive weapon this team needs.Dont like trading up either but this guy is a freak at 6'4 340 and non stop motor

  7. Woah, You gave the Cowboys the clap? πŸ™‚

  8. all we need is a dog safety in the draft

  9. dallas will never be as good as eagles as long Carson wentz is in town.. eagles just to good

  10. Stephen has said that they do not value the one tech,would love to have him,but they would't draft him with the 19th pick

  11. Peace and Blessings Mark and Cowboy Jobu Great video and keep them coming our COWBOYS are doing some things now "Let's Go COWBOYS"!!🏈🏈""How About Them Cowboys""🏈🏈 🏈🏈 ""DC4LIFE""🏈🏈

  12. This guy may not start. But might be someone who fits in to the guard spot if Lael needs to move back out to tackle again in the case someone goes donw.

  13. We need Derwin James

  14. We went from C to a round of applause in five days lol

  15. Ok, we've got our offensive line. We signed a true #2 receiver. Get Derwin James. That would make our team perfectly well-rounded.

  16. As long as these guys are better than the likes of Chaz green

  17. Stop talking about getting rid of fez it’s fuckin stupid sit back n think about how stupid dat is for 3 minutes

  18. Looks like this will be a heavy defensive draft. They need to draft for the middle of the defense, 1 tech DT, MLB, SS and FS.

  19. Yessir Vea or a top notch LB. DEFENSE WINS

  20. Just hope these lineman are better then the back up we had recently

  21. We should get Eric Reid that'll be nice for run defense throw him in the box

  22. Yep it definitely looks like they're building for the infamous Super Bowl run have a strong line or o line good running game and defense that's how they won in 1992 starting with that old line and Emmitt Smith So eventually I guess they're get there I don't know if Jason Garrett is capable of leading the way but then again they can' win in spite of him not because of him in spite of him cuz depending on him is another failure

  23. 1st round: rashaan evans
    2nd round Martinas Rankin
    But I agree with 10 picks they r most likely trading up. And I think they get Roquan Smith.

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