1. Would Kellen Moore be a good offensive coordinator for the Cowboys?

  2. Kirk cousins still doesn’t show up in prime time games

  3. Scott Linehan has always been a bad coach even when he was with the st. Louis Rams. Only reason he keep getting hired is because of what?

  4. Cowboys suck theyll always suck period

  5. Scott Linehan helps a young offense make the post season 2 of 3 years with a young QB.
    That would be the last guy I would fire.
    Perhaps the Jones need to stay out of the football operations and let the coaches handle the team. If Dak or anyone can freely go up to Mr Jones, then your team is never ever going to go anywhere.

  6. This was politics. This is the Dak effect. You lose Dez and now you lose another good OC . Scott Linehan should be dubbed a genius for helping this young offense over achieve.

  7. Damn sharpe is talking like lavar ball!!!!!!!

  8. Give Moore a shot dude has crazy high football IQ. If he falls shot garrett can take over the playcalling

  9. 9:35 Click here multiple times in quick succession to be substantially entertained

  10. As long as Jerreh is alive the Cowboys will be a mess.

  11. They’re like good friends debating sports ❤️

  12. Hard to hear with Bayless tapping his paperwork on the desk. Easy Skip! #Go Boys!

  13. shannon doesn’t like it cause dallas is gonna get better now haha

  14. 🤣 I'm a Cowboy fan and Shannon hating on us is hilarious

  15. They should interview Pete Carmichael from the Saints or Steve Sarkisian or Hue Jackson for the offensive coordinator position

    The cowboys need to include some spread offense concepts that can help Dak and Zeke and draft that number two receiver and a Tight End that can help Amari and take some pressure off him.

  16. Fire Garrett, hire Tony Romo right now before someone else does.

  17. I don’t like Romo as a player but I could definitely see him coaching listening to him he definitely knows football

  18. Dak going both ways playing safety?? Please. The only person going both ways should be my wife. Just saying. lol

  19. The offense Coordinator really. The offense didnt lose the defense did. The Rams kept caling the same 6 plays over and over again and the cowboys defense didn't change scheme didnt do anything. Fire the defense head coach as well.

  20. It’s not Scott’s fault it’s dak he literally can’t throw. If tony had this team they would of been going to the Super Bowl. Dak is a checkdown machine and if he’s not getting help from zeke or an elite defense they have no chance. Linehan had a great offense when tony was there because tony knew what he was doing. the cowboys won’t go anywhere with dak as our qb. With the salary cap era the team we just fielded can’t get much better without sacrificing another area we’re good in.

  21. Stop talking bout my qb Mitch lol

  22. Dak reminds me of a young Donavan McNabb

  23. Kellen Moore came from Boise state I watched that team had some very exotic formations I like it

  24. He did ok but the offense was stale

  25. I love this show, I would also love to have an undisputed hoodie if there are any available. Go Cowboys!

  26. Just remember zeke ran for 47 yards against the rams. Horrible play calling!

  27. I like Jenny, she seems like a good journalist. But she might as well not exist.

  28. Jenny is the real star.

  29. Kellen Moore is a horrible hire for the OC they might as well have kept Linehan then if their only plan was to move Moore to the OC spot I was hoping they would bring in someone instead of an in-house hire smh

  30. The play calling has to include passes of 30-40 yards overhead. That will open up running lanes. The RB position also needs a change of pace RB just for variety and to keep defenses guessing.

  31. I don't understand what's so hard about calling offense plays that aren't predictable
    .. I'm far from a football coach , but I can't imagine going through everything you'd need to do to get to that level , then call run straight up the middle on 4th and 1 in a playoff game. ( If both coaches signed off on it , get rid of both)
    Makes no sense to me.
    I'm sure there's politics involved and people in your ear , but that's unacceptable.
    Cowboys need to find a younger guy to call plays with a good offensive mind.

  32. FYI Shannon Dak made the Pro Bowl…again.

  33. I don't care if Dak out played Goff. The fact of the matters is Jason Garrett did not help this team put enough points on the bord to win. Beasley is speaking out!

  34. What more do we want out of a young QB like Prescott? How about 50 tds and a and championship appearance in a first year starter?

  35. I'm going to bookmark this video just to replay it when Skip starts whining about Jason Garrett next year.

  36. shannon”stop it”😂😂😂

  37. Uncle Shan "you out to be ashamed of yourself skip bayless" skip hits the table like a lil kid being punished "I havent even said anything"! Lmao these guys are Gold at times 😂

  38. Bless Skip and Shannon's hearts, the Boys aren't in the super bowl but who else is worth talking about.

  39. Blake Bortles won the division-
    Blake Bortles won the di-
    Blake Bor-
    Blake Bo-

  40. More puppets, Jason Garrett will get himself fired. Smart move by Jerry and he can get Sean Payton after next year.

    Oh yeah Jenny Taft xo

  41. "I can Mr. Met!" 😂😂😂

  42. Hands down the most entertaining sports show online and tv. 😁

  43. Shannon Sharp is the worst hater I’ve ever seen on this earth.towards the Cowboys

  44. Yeah dak is old because he went and got an education and got his masters degree. Which is smart cuz nfl careers can be over in one play. He smarter then about 95% of the people in the nfl

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