1. πŸ€” Jason Garrett in support of OC Scott Linehan, but the players and also including me are not πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  2. This year took a year or 2 off zeke…. playcalling and running was made too hard for him i blame that on Playcalling

  3. Ok so it's time for Kellen Moore to go.

  4. If you watched the movie drum line you were watching the Cowboys offense😎

  5. THEY JUST CUT SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!! Yessssss

  6. And he’s Gone Now

  7. Both Garrett and Linehan should be fired.

  8. So if Jason Garrett is in support of Linehan then he needs to go to because that's his shitty ass playbook and he knows if they hire another OC, they're bringing their own playbook and if they start winning more convincingly Garrett will look bad and all that time everybody would be like Dam…he really was our problem

  9. He needs to go!!!!

  10. Smh at Jason Garrett for his blind support for Linehan. Jason Garrett is like that guy rocking gasoline soaked drawers at the gas station and is eager to smoke cigarette in style. Garrett has become to comfortable with mediocrity…smh.

  11. Fire linehan cowboys play calling is trash the talent we have makes up for his shitty calls dallas will get it done regardless but a better oc would meam the world i say top 10 offense and defense is what dallas should aim for.

  12. Jane Slater is a pretty woman..Man I hope they get that OC out of Dallas!!!

  13. Garret is the right guy. But if he cant man up and fire linehan. Then fire em both.

  14. Well.. β˜•β˜•β˜•β˜•

  15. Garrett too comfortable with his job to risk losing the team behind basic ass Linehan. He's drinking too much of his own koolaid.

  16. Wow, even the players are telling the Joneses, Linehan has to go. See what happens when you give guys like him to much power, they end up losing support from the players. Especially when it's obvious he punished them for speaking up against the play calling and not targeting them the next week or so. Bye-bye, hopefully πŸ™πŸ€ž

  17. Not a good sign when young players start to speak out…. but again who’s out there?

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