1. The Giants game alone is not a big enough sample size. We've wonall 4 matchups for 2 years against them.

    Jw always had big games against the Giants. How many critical down and 3rd down plays did he make against the rest of the League all year. His stats weren't bad overall but not real impactful.

    We scored like 45 points in that game and the Giants aren't a top defense that has always had a problem covering tes.

    I hope he turns into a top 10 receiving te. As he starts drawing better defenders in better defenses we'll see how he progresses.

    He definitely has a lot more speed than 82. The knock on 82 is that he couldn't make the critical plays on critical downs anymore.

    If a te is gonna play every snap he's gonna have to be a top te. Otherwise he's gonna break down.

    I haven't seen anything resembling a top receiving te but he'll have a chance to prove himself.

    I'd go get a free agent te who is proven before id bank on the Giants game.

  2. Yay jarwin straight out of Laredo Texas

  3. You notice Blake Jarwin was wide open in the middle of the field had he run straight instead of hook turn in last play.

  4. Interesting, was waiting for this for weeks, you saw some signs of it lately but this was the breakout.
    This was completely planned and schemed and credit to Dak and Jarwin for making the plays.
    Attacking the middle of the field which is something they didnt really do all year.
    Something to show the upcoming opponents.
    Yes, we can use the middle of the field if we want. We have a TE.
    The defense can concentrate on Cooper and Jarwin, Bease, Gallup, Hurns must counter that.
    Jarwin also brings a Red Zone threat that wasn't there.

  5. Question: did Cole Beasley know that he made the game winning touchdown? When looking at the film, it looked like he was disappointed, his reaction said that he didn’t know he made the catch.

  6. He's also not easy to bring down. He fights for every yard.

  7. The TE's have been playing well all year. This shouldn't be a surprise. Zeke had 77 catches because they made a conscious effort to get him the ball in the passing game and a huge portion of those throws could have and maybe should have went to the TE's. Dak isn't a very good QB. He isn't accurate, he doesn't see the field the way he should, he hold the ball too long, and at least half the time he throws it the wrong guy.

  8. You also forgot about Seattle not having ET

  9. Happy New Yr.. Once again good lookn out Law .. Great work

  10. Boyz have found their TE Blake Got dam Me Jarwin. OooWee!!!

  11. Rico has got no burn. I love anyone donning the star but I’m unhappy with the TE personnel choices. Even with injuries this year he’s gotten no in game play. You know that saying you don’t know what you had until it gone. Just wait and see what Rico does with a different helmet on

  12. It is like when You are a Young Boy playing Madden NFL 06, 07, 08 or 09 for the PS2 Well, I still love playing Madden Anyway, While you're maneuvering the QB you call Playmaker which is a feature in which the QB directs the receiver in a specific area to get him OPEN to make a play.

  13. Well, Blake Jarwin would communicate with Dak and ask him, "What did I do WRONG on this Play or that Play?" Blake wants to get BETTER is what I heard Kevin Burkhardt say during the game.

  14. Everyone gives Dak shit but if you look, Jarwin should've known how to get open himself and he's just watching Dak while stand behind 2 defenders. Then Dak tells him to run back and he goes more right and almost runs into a Giants player and Dak has the put the ball on his left shoulder (almost a "bad" throw by Dak) to keep it away from the defense.

    Dak can make things happen. How don't these receivers and tight ends know the scramble drill to get open for your QB? Bad coaching and the players themselves shouldn't have to be told, just do it.

  15. I think Blake Jarwin earned the starting job.

  16. Law Jarwin big body very athletic amazing hands new Weapon we needed now we dont need to draft a Tight end. We can go Offensive line and Dtackle

  17. great stuff! cookie jarvis is finally coming into his own and Dak Dak my quarterback man,bullets from his rifle just straight up killing it! when he's on point,boy,he's got straight fire from that cannon,BOOM!!! it's high time we saw our ends getting more involved in the mix,it's too bad swaim broke his wrist recently because he was picking it up too,but it seems unfortunately he's a pretty delicate flower always being broken with 1 injury or another. he's pretty much been broken since we got him which doesn't bode well for that position. if you're not blocking you're probably going up the gut where l.b.s and such just love putting a hard lick on you saying, do it again and this is what you'll get. you need to be tough to play that position, and being constantly broken doesn't work. that said,man,cookie jarwin accomplished a major feat that even pro-bowler Jason whitten hadn't even achieved,nor had that been done since 1973!!! now that is saying something about him, and also his connection to my quarterback,cuz he did not throw that ball to himself! best believe, #4=#6 for us!!! watch! thanks again Lawman, and happy freakin new year! ▪☆☆☆▪

  18. Happy New year Law!!!! All rise honorable Law presiding!!!! Film is in session!!!! Great film!!!! Glad to see you feeling better after the game!!! I like the way Dak moves up into the pocket on the first touchdown! He stand there like the president! The pocket is holding strong! Like your not touching my QB! Dak look calm! And confident! I like we he rolls out as well! When he move out. The defense is like. Crap he got out. But for us. It's when big thing happen. And he makes great play. People talk about he can't throw!? No he can't do what linehan wants. When Dak is on the run. He makes throws. That almost not other QB can make! And he had a few new tricks in this game. The ran the whole offense faster. Dak went through the calls a bit faster. And got them to jump off sides a few times! I love that. I was laughing so hard. Cause he knew it can move the ball a few yards. By just how fast the cadence was. I remember a game they did that to us. Brees or McCoy. One of the vet QB did it. To get one of our rookies to jump. To move the ball!!! Dak in the run directing. And hitting Jarwin over and over was sweet! I'd love to have Dak walk me through his mind on the big play to Beasley!!! I call him beastly. cause he can play like one!!!! And the fact the Beasley knew where he was. Knew to get a knee down. With no regard for hurting himself! And to see how he cradles the ball. Like a baby falling from a roof top. Both hands on it. Arms tucked under. And no worry about getting hurt. He knew his job. It to get the ball. Protect it. At any cost! And get a knee or foot down. Before going out. I'd like to see Beasley play one more year! But back to Dak
    He was awesome!!! I'm behind him 💯 no matter what!!!! Good bad! They can say what they want! But he's my QB!!!! Great short session. Can't wait to see what Voch will have!!! I think Dak has some new tricks in his bag. Going into the playoffs this time!!! You need a justice scale and gavel!!!👍🤠🤠🤠 We them boys!!! Let's go cowboy nation!!! #1 fan in NE Ohio… Dallas 34 seaweed 28!!!!

  19. Thats exactly why i scream run crossers. If you dont run man it confuses the defense leaving jarwin wideeeee open. Its alot of cover 3 and 4 going around. That seam route can consistently break it

  20. Happy New Year, Law and Cowboys Nation. Thank you Law for the closer look at the game, unexpected new year surprise. Salute

  21. NEW YORK jets need a head coach. I will get them to call you so give me a couple days

  22. I really hate the people that downvote good content

  23. Blessings to all in the New Year! Ok when have you seen Jason Witten get three TDS in any game? Do you see what I see???

  24. I’ve been seeing his improvement week to week happy for Jarwin he must be putting in that work in practice , he goes up against Jaylon and LVE in practice that can’t hurt .!

  25. They should have played better than that

  26. Happy New Year, I hope all is well.. and thank you all for watching!!!! Salute!!!!!!

  27. Finally our TEs showed up! This was the missing part of our total offense! Dak proved he can do all the things that all the ABC channels complains about him no matter how well he plays! He had no line, no Zeke, and still was able to rally the troop to score when needed! I think the secret for Dallas’s Playoff run is keeping Dak on the run, bootleg, rolling the pocket, RPO with more running with the ball to just keep the defense honest! Seattle will be formidable but I believe Wilson is a little beaten up from a long season, but I don’t think their defense is as good as years past! As long as we don’t get into long 2nd and 3rd down plays we should be able to control clock and pace! Let’s go get this win at home !!! GO DALLAS COWBOYS! LawNation aloha n Happy New Year 🎆🎊! Mahalo Yong

  28. Hope we can beat the saints , and the bears

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