1. LAW Cooper just purchased a iced out charm #19 and chain that cost over $150k not saying he can't change his jersey # but that's alot of $$ to spend on sumthing that u mite only wear for half a season.🤔

  2. this is not about dak dak didnt allow 300 yards rushing so dak haters stfu the problem is jerry thats what im talking about all y'all so called cb fans to concerned about the wrong thing im almost sure you sucka ass dak haters never played american football on any level instead of holding jerry accountable you all continue to support this guy just to b apart of something even if it is a loser ass team true cowboys fans have known sb teams in dallas as a matter of fact 5 sb victorys to b exact. I hope dak leaves this sorry ass organization this is coming from a born cowboy yea parkland hospital south dallas BON TON PERIOD 👿👿👿👿👿


  4. Next year if we start bad we know they r tanking to draft hubbard same way colts did to draft luck

  5. Cj anderson sucks, thats why it is so frustrating they could run the ball so easy

  6. In fairness to jerry, it did take landry 11 years to get to the sb

  7. Sabin??? He sucks as an nfl coach, thats why he is at bama lol

  8. Nothing makes it worth keeping linehan… unlessthey plan to get rid of dak and get a gun slinger… linehan cannot change his system to fit dak and dak cannot be the qb for a lindhan vertical passing system… so one or the other needs to go

  9. I do not wish bad luck on nobody. In a perfect world I would like everybody to be successful. Get rid of Scott Linehan now

  10. Law think for a second. What else can be done to improve the offense besides new play calls. Top 3 running back top 13 receiver and top 11 overall receiving group and top 13 offensive line overall. Tight ends getting better. The qb needs to improve but he deserves to start

  11. Sorry. I'm just not buying your marriage analogy and the "gel" theory.  People who have been together for 25 years have plenty of reason to find a way to work it out and be successful.   When people split up after that length of time, one of them has become terrified that he or she is going to outlive their genitals and are cheating.   That's the problem with American today.   It's a disposable society.  People want perfection given to them. They don't want to work for it.

  12. if cowboys true c boy fans any sense they would all jump ship, this time next year u will all b in the same mode saying who should we should draft in 2020 because we came up short again, no better than the browns and lions while jerry laughs all the way to the bank NO COWBOYS period 👿👿👿👿

  13. HEEEEEEEEYYYYYYLLLLLL NAH!!! Draft or no draft…Linehan must go. I won't lose any sleep if Garrett is right behind him.

  14. Law the point is we're always out coached and have our worst performance in the biggest game. I really believed in this team this season even when they were 3-5 all my time and energy for the end to in the same round again with a horrible performance at that only the Cowboys everyone laughing at me at work and we're a joke.

  15. Dez was out of his prime with Dak, unlike when Romo was there.

  16. i feel sorry for you law having scott linehan with those 1994 offensive play calling book good luck trying to go back to the playoffs and trying to keep eagles from taking back the east title.

  17. Jerry Jones with no official word on Scott Linehan's future. As of right now, Linehan is OC going forward. "There's no official. I reserve the right to change my mind when I hang this phone up. … Why would I put a statement out when we might have an opportunity next week?"

  18. Hey law I heard that rams somehow got the Dallas game plan to what what we was doing

  19. CJ Anderson knows how to find holes even better than Zeke

  20. I to like your posts and content but really there is nothing we need to do to keep this looser Scott Linehan

  21. But TO elevated Romo Dez didn't elevate Dak


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