1. Sign for what though. Is Dallas priming for buster trade or is we getting ready to let cole, austin, brown & william go?

  2. Terry Mclaurin should be next


  4. Yeah Law
    I goggled his college h pro highlights upon hearing we'd acquired him

    Hopes he stays healthy & productive for us

    Peace Law Nation

  5. the moment they drafted jaylon smith, i knew this organization and its medical staff could help him…watching him score the touchdown against the bucs was a miracle in every sense of the word…if they can get Devin right…we are better today than we were yesterday…#MyCowboys

  6. Low risk/low cost. Good value if he stays healthy…………

  7. Antonio Brown, Amari Cooper, Micheal Gallup and TE would give us the deadliest wide receiving corps in the NFL

  8. Don't forget they really liked Wilson until he got hurt. He's a deep threat with respectable speed

  9. The receiving core is going to be deep next season, and also don't forget Boise State "Cedrick Wilson Jr." When he's healthy, that's a deadly combination of receivers!!!

  10. Goodbye Terrance Williams

  11. Dallas looking for speed on the outside. Not a bad move.

  12. Welcome to dallas devin Smith!

  13. I'd rather have AB in dallas than someone who haven't played the game for a while. He maybe young but will he be a game changer. Look at all the wr dallas signed last year during the off-season : Tavon, Hurns, some other kid i dont remember his name. They all suck.

  14. jets fan here. devin smith has knees of glass. drops balls like crazy to catches with his body not his hands. he wont make it through training camp for the boys.

  15. Sign free agent Humphreys from Tampa Bay, dude is a stud in the slot. Just look at Hill film and you will become a believer.

  16. The end of Cole Beasley?

  17. I don’t think jets had a run game to utilize him

  18. Great fucking pick up !!!

  19. Bring in urban for OC

  20. Could that be T.William replacement this offseason?

  21. We shall see. Looks like a camp body with upside based on his speed. He was Ok in college. Wouldn't call him a big time receiver. Didn't do much before his injury so….

  22. Well, Devin Smith lined up in The X (Split End) the Field Side (Wider Side) and in The Z (Flanker) The Boundary Side (Shorter side)

  23. Well, Dallas Cowboys Fired Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan today

  24. Him and zeke ripped Amari Cooper and Alabama.

  25. Law Nation new slot guy replacement for Cole Beasley ( I’m the Original). Beasley

  26. It will all come down to conditioning for him and whomever is the OC. The receiving core is very talented (current and free agents until further notice) Cooper, Beasley, Gallup, Hurns, Austin, Brown, Wilson, Williams, Smith, Davis. Of course only 6-7 will be on the team and I already know who may be cut or won't be on the team before training camp begins.

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