1. Defense was great at times, at other times we got torched but our offense? STUNK. Dak has to do better in certain situations. Our line didnt help him much either but he doesn't get off the hook until he shows his true potential. I know he has it but he has to bring that out already. I also think that EVERYONE should start against the giants that is able to start, because we still have to clean up some stuff. Taking off isn't going to help that.

  2. In Charles Haley way of putting things. These Cowboys team are beginning to gell together. They are beginning to gell like a championship team. Winning games the tough way. So people, we ask you. In past history, when you see a team winning close games the way the Cowboys are winning. What are we looking on winning teams. ?Can anybody with an NFL mind, see what were beginning to see here with the Cowboys? I don't have to spell it out to you people. Just look at the results how they dominated the Eagles. If not for the Cowboys turovers, this game should have been a blowout. Open your eyes people. Look how they are winning. WINNING IS BACK FOR AMERICAS TEAM!

  3. Dak is a winner, he has a winners Edge and the karma like no other QB in the NFL. Let's be patient people, Dak will be a top QB and will contribute and win a Super Bowl for America's Team.

  4. Philly choked on a push-broom! Cuz they got SWEPT!!!!😅👽🔫

  5. I don't see Dallas going very far in the playoffs I see him going very far next year they're just a couple of players away


  7. remember the 2000 ravens won with Trent Dilfer and Dak is a much better player then that guy

  8. I am so glad that i went to the game! What a rollercoaster game! Go Cowboys!

  9. When Dak retires from the game this will be read at his ceremony: “You talk about mental toughness, that guy we’ve got playing quarterback for us, he’s a tough son of a bitch. You saw that today. You saw the physical toughness. You saw the mental toughness and you saw him throughout the game overcome adversity and make the critical plays at critical moments.”

  10. 13 game winning drives.

  11. Well let's look at Dak vs wentz vs Tom Brady vs Drew brees first three seasons as starters
    dak: 65.7%
    Tom brady:61.9%
    Drew Brees:61.4%

    Passing Yards
    Dak: 10,121
    Wentz: 10,152
    Tom brady:10,227
    Drew Brees:8,551

    Passing TDs
    Tom brady:69
    Drew Brees:55

    Dak: 95.5
    Tom brady:86.0
    Drew brees:83.0

    Tom brady:38
    Drew Brees:38

    Tom brady:104
    Drew Brees:63

    Yards per throw
    Dak:7.4 (that's weird I thought he was dink and dunk)
    Tom Brady:6.6
    Drew Brees:6.7

    Rushing TDs
    Tom Brady:2
    Drew Brees:3

    Rushing yards
    Tom brady:216
    Drew Brees:299

    Now I'm not saying dak is gonna win 5 superbowl but I think he will win at least 1 it took drew brees until his 10th season to win one. And wentz didnt even play in the super bowl the eagles won. All I'm saying dak ain't no scrub. And hes a second pick In the fourth round and wentz is a first rounder think about that.

  12. Dak is not the man for the job


  14. If it is
    ▶2nd and 1

    ▶3rd and 1

    ▶4th and 1

    ▶2nd and 2

    ▶3rd and 2

    ▶4th and 2 and The opposing team’s Defense suspects a Run, they will play Cover 3 send the Strong Safety as a 8th Man to play close to the Line of Scrimmage to STOP THE RUN. If I'm Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan, Call a Play-Action Pass, A Pass Play OR even a Trick Play wouldn't hurt either.

  15. Dak CLIMBED THE POCKET, HITCH STEP, Did some KILL CALLS, utilized CADENCES, At times he was BIRD DOGGING meaning he was locking onto his target which is a NO-NO, With that being said, PENALTIES, PENALTIES, and More PENALTIES!!!

  16. Over 44 minutes in time of possession, 62 yard field goal, tightends making plays, Zeke got his, Cooper over 200 and 3 TDs "balling". Not sure what's up with the misses to Gallup, looked exactly like the miss in the last game. Maybe he should cut inside after making separation.

  17. CowboysNation, Let's Keep it 100, Dallas had to SCRATCH AND CLAW in order for us to Xin this game; It wasn't like the first meeting in which Amari Cooper wasn't on Dallas Cowboys roster

  18. Dak is young and will make mistakes. What QB doesn't. Over 400 yards but fumbles and interceptions but won so is what it is. Gotta fix the red zone issues.

  19. Well, Amari Cooper was the X-Factor for this game 217 Receiving Yards, 3 Touchdowns (1 Touchdown came in Overtime to Win Dallas the game)

  20. Amari is worth 2 #1 picks

  21. 4 was good today ☝️🤠

  22. Damn!! We got shredder up in this bitch. #cowboynation

  23. Dak plays to his competition. He out plays most of QB on game day. Carson,Brees,that’s just the pass few weeks.

  24. Boyz Got it dun. Dey kno' they need 2 pla better offensively. Scott Linehan needs 2 fiGure it out in da Redzone. Man, iLuv me sum Cowboys…

  25. Im always on Dak about the turnovers but he put the ball up 54 times today and completed 45. EVERY QB THROWS PICS!!! Stop listening to Troy Hateman and watch the game. OUR ENTIRE O-LINE is injured and he still produced when needed. Cooper was outstanding but Dak got him the ball on the money except for the last TD. Cowboy recorder for yards and completions is Dak Prescott…. keep hating all you want. We'll keep winning.

  26. We played HORRIBLE !! But ill take the win

  27. Dak will eventually lose it for us

  28. Winners focus on wins, losers focus on the winners

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