1. still dont trust garrett and linehan

  2. I love watching the Cowboys this season. We show up and bust you in the mouth and take what's ours. We have a team built to kill the Rams. Hopefully Our D shows up like it did against the Saints because our Offense is better now than it was then. We can close this to at LEAST a NFC championship. And at most, a SUPER BOWL WIN. Let's TAKE IT.

  3. This defense is special. They are actually shutting down the best of the best. Best passing attack? Sit down. Best running unit? Whatever, we'll take that, thank you. Nasty. If we get the 2016 Dak back as well? Lights out. You got me dreaming again, Law. If not this year, we're a threat again. And also… Garrett deserves major credit. There I said it.

  4. i know this stuff takes alot of work and time. Thanks Law!

  5. How bout them cowboys!

  6. How you doing guys!!!!!

  7. I can’t lie Law lowkey look like James harden 😭 but keep doing ya thing 👍🏽

  8. I am sorry dak. I was hating on you and you proved me wrong

  9. Beat everyone Dallas Cowboys take over LA..

  10. I have to apologize to dak winning a playoff game in any way in always huge and he actually played alright above avg. he also came back strong after 2 big red zone negative plays

  11. I had the same injury tavon had it wont heal no time soon

  12. Victory Monday🙌🙌

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