1. Law Dallas goes on and on,   I will owe the coaches an apology but anyone who says they weren't concerned after it went to 24-22 they are lying. Rods defense doesn't know how to close a game. PERIOD.

  2. Sure wish the defense didn't fold in the last two minutes though. C'mon in like 6 plays they go 75 yards? Marenilli is a garbage defensive guy and needs to be fired. Jeez they give up the second 2 point conversion too? lol If the Hawks get that onside Dallas loses that game. Alot of fans disagree but when  their defense goes south, they go south. Its really something to see too.

  3. After that WIN?! THIS IS MY THEME SONG THE WHOLE WEEK: https://youtu.be/ZTHNZBDQaK4

  4. That certainly was a fight, But Our Dallas Cowboys are Fighters to the end. Respect to Seattle. But 24 is more than 22.  HOW BOUT OUR DALLAS COWBOYS

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