1. I tried to tell all of u during ur stream that the Rams would force Dak to beat them n it would be a game. U all laughed me outta the live stream calling Dak clutch. Well it's halftime n it don't look good for the Cowboys. It could change but as long as the game in Daks hands n not Zeek u have ZERO chance fellas.

  2. DUPLICATE THESE NUMBERS OF: Aikman, Smith, Irvin, Harper '92 vs SF

    Prescott (Aikman): 24 at 34 comp 322 yards 2 TDs 120 rating

    Elliot (Smith): 24 at 114 yrds 1 (rushing) TD : 7 catches 59 yards 1 (receiving) TD

    Cooper (Harper): 3 catches 117 yards

    Gallup (Irvin): 6 catches 86 yards

    Dallas Cowboys: 30 points L.A. Rams 20 points

  3. Hey Law Nation i love your football acumen, but your music might even be better. It reminds me of 300 Men. I would have loved to play ball with you or against you. Either way it was going down.

  4. He turns into Mark Sanchez LOL

  5. born in 1966 at parkland memorial hospital DALLAS TX movead to Pasadena Ca 1977 VIA LA, CA visited cowboys training camp thousand oaks, CA on the block right now Cali period thre boys r in town GO COWBOYS.😈😈😈😈

  6. 24:33 satisfying dak td noise😂

  7. God i so hope the rams r stupid enough to do what cowboy hater said, move a safety up in the box to help on run then try to jam coop at the line one on one man coverage, if they do, i will bet u they r rolling that safety to coops side to help by the end of 1st qtr cause coop would have 4 catches for about 90 yards and a td by then lol

  8. Law… cowhert is such a punk ass dak/cowboy/garrett hater.. brady/belicheat/pats lover… thats just a fact

  9. Law… come on man… irving is letting cowboy nation down AND he needs to grow the fuck up, pull his head outta his ass and get paid millions or let us know he’d rather make minimum wage asking customers would u like fries with that big mac, supersize it?… come on, stop wasting ur potential david, ur not getting younger BOY… yeah i said it, ur acting like a teenage boy instead of a grown ass man

  10. Said it all week dallas 30-22 and not that close, rams score late to make the score closer, but dallas dominates this game… LETS GO COWBOY NATION… smash that like button

  11. Law the dak qbr 81 goff qbr 46 was the first regular season game they faced off, not preseason

  12. Shannon ALWAYS likes whoever dallas is playing against

  13. Sorry Law it was late when i got home so i couldnt tune in live

  14. Did everyone catch that cowboy hater statement? It’s IMPOSSIBLE for dallas to win unless coop has a big day… lol sip ur haterade carter, hell u wasnt even the best carter in minnesota, love how he NEVER mentions anthony.. who WAS better

  15. I dont think there’s gonna be as many cowboy fans as we’d like… did u hear the rams coach yesterday? Pleading for rams fans to not be selling their tickets to cowboy fans cause they need fan support at home… so i expect it will be about 60/40 rams fans

  16. if the eagles can go there and win so can we

  17. Darrell Green was FAST as fuck lol

  18. Am i right or wrong to think if these rams db’s try to press coop and jam him at the line he can feast on deep slant… ?

  19. Cowboys WIN!!!! BOOK IT!!!!

  20. I have noticed over time, the woman on this show is the biggest cowboy hater on this show, even more than nick which is hard to do, she takes every opportunity she can to brag on whoever dallas plays or put down dallas… every person in the world that watches football would say dallas is 8-1 in last 9 games, but her, hell no, she had to throw in that extra game from 11 weeks ago, dallas 8-2 since they got coop, not 8-1 last 9…. everybody pay attention fron now on, she takes a shot at dallas daily or brags on whoever dallas is playing… u will see it

  21. I really hope Dallas does not do what Seattle did and keep trying to run when run don’t work. Dak and passing game should be good enough to try down field passes

  22. Rams will win because of cowboys believing their own hype to much

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