1. 1929 play book…enough is enough SCOTT got to get out of TOWN …head coach U.T. Could call better games in pro’s than this guy….for this OC NOT TO BE ON CRACK IT SEEM HE GOES BACK TO SAME HOUSE ON THE CONER EVERY WEEK…NUFF/SAID

  2. Too bad Dez Bryant had to pay the price he paid 100% papsy

  3. Great video. It's clear that they us #4 only as a manager, they don't give him the freedom to change the plays from what he sees which limits what the offense can do. That's part of being a pro quarterback but they think he can't handle or read the defense.

  4. Dak is the problem, not linahan

  5. I agree with you 110% and yes my man Dak needs to step it up

  6. Thanks Jerry for keeping OC

  7. Bottom line if they wait till 4th and try win game tomorrow it won't look any better next week in first round one and done

  8. I hate all these static routes. Run downfield. Turn around. Stand there. You're not giving your receivers any chance to do anything after they've caught it. And it really wastes a guy like Beasley. He can't maintain separation standing still.
    Same for Cooper. They're both quick and run great routes. But it doesn't mean anything the longer they're standing in place.

  9. If they can get past the hiccup of the redzone, they can go to the bowl. That’s the weakness, the redzone offense.

  10. Dak is killing this team. They could be explosive

  11. I want to make a point for the "Dak holds the ball too long" people. Look at 1:45 until 1:48 and tell me how Dak can get the ball out to a receiver on an unfinished route and then tell me how he doesn't step up in the pocket enough and takes unnecessary sacks. There's nowhere to move in this pocket. People forget that our O-line is basically a bundle of sticks right now.

  12. They open it up when they're job scared.. and the O flourishes.
    Then, it's right back to stifled vanilla B.S.

    If we all see it.. ???

  13. Dak had Bealey open by a mile at 10:30s and he missed reading the play or doubted his ability to throw the ball.

  14. The passing play book is dumbed down for a dumb QB. It's that simple. Be careful what you wish for by calling out Linehan.

  15. Dak can't read defenses, doesn't know where he wants to or should go with the ball, takes sacks instead of throwing the ball away and taking a incomplete stat. Dak is a plain dumb player most of the time. Why is the majority of Daks passes check down short passes? Because that's all he can read and complete. Cooper gives Dak RAC and pads Daks stats.

  16. Linehan has never been consistently successful . Yeah, one year here and one year there

  17. You have to throw the ball deep at least 4 times a game. It’s common sense. If people want to stop the run, make them respect Amari Cooper. Teams are starting to cheat and play Cooper 1 on 1. If Dak doesn’t let it fly at least 4 times in a game, teams are going to get more and more bold.

  18. It’s worse than I thought. This is terrible. Especially when u going against a team where the D coordinator just was on ya staff last year.

  19. Fire linehan. He is a cancer. He is too predictable, he is a bully, he is not good and never been good. Take Moore with him when he leaves

  20. People need to realize he only has used 35% of his playbook. VS saints he broke out several new plays. Plus his screen varieties are crazy.

  21. This team has evolved past this play calling I hope his contract is over this year smh

  22. Scott Linehan ruined Dante Culpeper, Marc Bulger, almost ruined Matt Staford and it's debatable that he ruined Romo. He had one of the best WRs of all time in Randy Moss, had Tory Holt and Issac Bruce, had arguably the best modern day WR of all time in Calvin Johnson and couldn't do jack shit with ANY OF THEM, was the main driver behind running Dez out of town then turnt around and said we didn't need a #1 Wide Receiver. Dude is a bum and I can't wait till we get rid of his ass, should've fired him after that disaster of a MNF game against the Titans.

  23. Law I’m going to put any delusional Dallas youtuber in check and I’m serious!!!!

  24. in Madden I always go WR dig on man to man with Amari on the outside. works every time if the line holds!

  25. What I got from this video is that. Low key you don’t think daks the man for the job.

  26. A bit dated? Prehistoric is the word for the OC. This is not Day friendly. The OC has no clue on how to Taylor an offense to Dak's strength, which is RPO. This man is the other teams best chance at winning. 31st in red zone scoring is what has killed the team all year. He hasn't made any adjustments and it's only two games left. Why would you want to keep this no imagination predictable, bland OC

  27. It’s sad cole Beasley has actually been getting open a lot and especially lately he doing his job besides that 1 play he gave up on tipped ball. Fans are on Beasley when he doing his job

  28. At 10:04 look at Michael Gallup wide open for a possible TD or a 30yd gain…..Dak is 100% pure scrub

  29. Man Dak Prescott is a scrub point blank plain and simple and if you think otherwise I understand you would rather be known as a Diehard fan and you wanna keep your repitation….I'm a Diehard but I will not die stupid

  30. What makes me laugh is that Linehan just doesn't get it. Stop hiring old guys that aren't creative… If they are creative, then maybe. But if everyone is telling you that your scheme stinks, you would think you'd do something about it, but no.



  33. Scott Linehan is nothing but a scapegoat Jason Garrett ultimately has the last say but of course he can't think of anything better

  34. Great breakdown Law! Makes you wonder, if you can break down and expose these tendencies and weaknesses, what do you think nfl defensive coordinators who get paid to this can do? Predictable, no ingenuity and no adjustments when they get figured out. Keep up the great work sir.

  35. Dallas first possession of the game I knew when I seen Rico Gathers come out of the huddle it was gonna be a running play! Dallas (Linehan) does not hide its scheme very well at all. At least compared to many other NFL teams. Linehan was run out of his job at 3 other NFL teams. Yes, run out of town from 3 other teams. Detroit being the last. Look at Detroit's offense Linehans last year there! People, its a disgrace and he is a disgrace!

  36. These players aint speaking out for nothing. Player are speaking the truth without calling out Linehan. Dez was not lying. Linehan needs to go

  37. If we can call the plays at home, it's no wonder the rest of the league can, also.

  38. Great session yea one dimensional offense if you can clearly break it down so will or opponent run button hook run button hook have to be better but hey How bout them cowboys

  39. Man you can do it in Madden and you can't do it in real life

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