1. YouTubers are just like Sports Analysts on TV…getting paid to create a false narrative…..We aren't going anywhere with Dak Prescott and somebody on the team needs to check his ass

  2. For every good Boyz fan there are two bad ones

  3. Please tell us mr law that this season is not like 2011 12 13 15 17. Please please please I’m praying this is not another collapse like previous history.

  4. 🙊if we loose two we will better n the future. Dak Jason this is a bad relationship just gotta walk away

  5. Reality is what it is We gonna drag Dak Jason and Scott to the finish line

  6. If they can't figure out how to score in the red zone, it's going to be very difficult to win. I love my Cowboys and I have faith, but they need to get back to work.

  7. It's my man James Harden 👍👍👍👍👍

  8. 1970 the Cowboys suffer two humiliating losses. 54-13 to the Vikings, 38-0 to the Cardinals. The team is 5-4. Everyone from the media, the coaches down to the waterboy has given up. Everyone but the players themselves. So they gathered themselves together for a team meeting. They won the next 7 games in a row and ended up in the Super Bowl. The next season 1971 almost the same exact scenario. Crushing losses to the Saints and Bears. Team was 4-3. Again doubt was everywhere. The team however refused to quit. They ended up winning 10 games in a row. Including Super Bowl VI. Moral of the story. Never quit. No matter what these players will never stop fighting. The true Dallas Cowboys Nation will be in their corner no matter what. And the fight never stops. So ring that bell. let's do this. COWBOYS

  9. I'm behind my Boys 100%! Bleeding Silver and Blue for LIFE! Let's do this Law! COWBOYS STRONG!

  10. I look back and wonder, How pissed was New Orleans when we shut them down

  11. @Law, ok I'm over the loss. I knew it was coming why I get so upset.
    Anyway, WE ALL know Linehan is the issue, everyone does. Why wont Jerry and Clapping Carrot fire him? It worked for Minny, Baltimore, and I believe Buffalo

  12. I'm not listen too anyone but cowboys nation right now we will bounce back.

  13. Sick of whinning cowboy fans…
    This team was 3-5 and now 8-6…
    Whinning about a team the colts winning a home game to save there season..
    Our season is still going just fine

  14. NO PESSIMISM, EXCORIATION, CONDEMNATION, JUDGMENT shall be warranted towards Dak "The Fortress" Prescott, Zeke or Eze, even Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan because they did at least put in the effort albeit Zeke said himself that this Loss was embarrassing and he went on to say, "We can't go out there and do that, We cannot. That is NOT us at all, Elliott said after the defeat, It's embarrassing. We've got to be better than that, way better".

    ▶According to Blogging The Boys- 5 hours ago

  15. Cowboys will win the division. One play off at best. ( damn its just one loss, its should of brought cowboys fans back to 🌎)

  16. Week 16, Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Dallas Cowboys (In AT&T Stadium) and Week 17 Dallas Cowboys AT NY Giants (In the Meadowlands) So, With that being said, DON'T GIVE UP, BELIEVE, PERCEIVE, STAY OPTIMISTIC, FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE, LOVE IS THE GREATEST OF THEM ALL (1 Corinthians 13:13)

  17. Well, Listen, First of All, This is The 1st Shutout since 2003, This is a Wake-Up Call for the Players and Fans PERIOD POINT BLANK!!!

  18. That's right Law the power of positivity is key brother. 🥇

  19. Screw being best in division we need to win a ring I'm tired of that crap Cowboys and been on this updown jyst enough stuff for 23 years so we keep buying tickets watching games buying merchandise

  20. Always a Cowboys fan still a Cowboys fan! It’s just a need to fire Linehan n Moore

  21. It’s gonna be a long week Law 😩

  22. Media is already having a field day.

  23. Stop blaming Dak for what the NFL has plan for ratings to end off this season and D Law is smart and can't tell me that game wasn't fixed for Colts check out the pick that was called back on Woods Heath didn't hold the wr y'all gotta look more into what the NFL is about and how it started its entertainment all players and fans don't know but coaches and refs and Roger Goodell now and the Saints game was rigged to pump our defense up

  24. Wher r the real COWBOYS FANS AT? STAY POSITIVE MAN!!!

  25. You’re right law. Yea Monday’s after a loss always suck. But today is bittersweet because I know I’m 1 week closer to seeing tha Boys in the playoffs! You can take that to the bank! 🔥

  26. We done bruhh….we aint beating tampa

  27. Never give up ever never win lose or tie COWBOYS NATION till i die one way or another SALUTE

  28. We good law it was time to lose!!!!

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