1. Nice break down…thanks Law Nation.

  2. Like a mile and a half 😂 🤘 good stuff

  3. That's what we want to see!

  4. Yes you were right, I’ve been telling people Dak is a west coast style quarterback. He would benefit from that scheme

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  6. Had Gallup in my top 7 WR picks in this draft. I had DJ Moore at #1, Sutton at #2, Ridley at #3, etc.

  7. Gallup is developing for sure he is a rookie that understands what he can do with his speed now. This team is alot faster with Cooper and Gallup on the outside. 8 in the box becoming dangerous y'all.

  8. Boy the cowboys really feel like they won the Super Bowl by beating the saints in a horribly officiated game

  9. So is it safe to say we're moving on from Terrance Williams or do we salvage him and drop hurns

  10. Collin Cowterd calls Dak a "better Tim Tebow" what do you think? Can you break him down further for me?

  11. That should have said Dak not that but the only real problem I have with DAC is ball Security in the pocket that is something he needs to work on maybe he can give him some pointers because he gets the idea of ball security I think he has two fumbles in three years maybe 3

  12. I expected that to have some troubles against New Orleans their offense isn't the only reason they're in first place their defense has been playing extremely well but Dak made more plays than Drew and that is the reason we won

  13. Dak has accounted for 14 tds passing with 5 rushing tds this year = 19 tds 5 ints ? Highly touted Mitch Trubiskie is no better this year?

  14. ……………………Dallas offense was terrible in the second half thurday and they gotta get it going sunday…………………

  15. ………..Can Gallup arrive with his second straight effective receiving day making me dead wrong about his ability? I certainly hope so !!!!……………..

  16. That pac intro omg got me really ready

  17. Yep, thats what we need from Dak as a passer. A couple of misses to Gallup but overall not bad. Seems to struggle throwing up that side of the field at times. They just gotta work that connection out a bit.

  18. Lookout law.. U got someone bitin off your videos https://youtu.be/YD8KoALg2Fc

  19. He missed Gallop because he got over zealous and didn’t step into the throw. He’ll get there. He’s a kid out there playing football but the dude got an arm

  20. We drafted LVE, Gallup, Williams, White, Shultz, Wilson & Covington LVE will be in consideration for Defensive Rookie of the year candidate Gallup, Williams will be much better on year two Gallup was the better choice at receiver in my opinion than cantgetopen Calvin Ridley my opinion next White, Shultz, Wilson & Covington will improve steadily to take rosters spots going forward Dallas has restock this roster in drafts years 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 every single player drafted has made an impact thus far

  21. hoo say dat?
    dak say dat!
    da law say dat!

  22. Flemings has 3 people to the left of him and he decides to help Sua-Filo without even a glance to the outside??

  23. Hey Law, why does Dak hardly ever throw to the middle of the field? Last nite, Rivers and Roethlesburger were attacking the middle time after time.

  24. good shit law..i appreciate what u do and ur delivery..and ur positive disposition..except that one time u came in,all bent and rowdy..the team appears headed for greatness..i will never say any pro player is trash..but stevie wonder can see dak is the only liability on the team,maybe randy gregory als..
    i don't think dak has the mental wherewithal for the nfl level

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