1. hasslebeck is salty because we beat former team

  2. I agree not with the fucking Dink and Donker we have at QB. Nick Foles will be available and Jerry Needs to go out and get him… Send Dak the Dink and donker to the Browns… 😂 😂 😂 Our Defence and run game who have us here….

  3. You cant forget Tavon he gives us that special team help we needed

  4. Jacksonville was gas'd up. We deflated 'em. Eagles gas'd up, 2xs (?3xs)Deflated. Saints gas'd up, Deflated. InOrder too B da BEST, we GOT TA BEAT tha BEST! Stay tuned CowboyzNation!

  5. Jaylon "Predator"Smith!!!

  6. Game wasn't close. SeaHawks got a late garbage TD. And Russel didn't look better than Dak that game.

  7. Bro they playing the Dak yogurt commercial on this shit lol twice

  8. The Rams are a finesse team, Dallas just has to be physical, Get Suh frustrated and he will give you some penalties! Come out and be physical take their heart, hit Goff hard and he will be Deer in the healights. Physicality is the answer for the Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You’re intro music is awful. Change it up son.

  10. Dallas has the best overall team and it's obvious. They just happen to be mediocre at the most important position. So they have to squeak out every win despite being the overall more dominant team.

  11. No doubt,Hasselbeck got hit in the head A few times during his playing career.

  12. Charles Woodson spoke good about us he praised our D. He gave Dal credit awesome! Look here what coach said. Randy spoke good too. Matt Hassleback is the ex Seattle hater! Of course he would say this he didn't win. But Dak will be champion this year! But they didn't stop there..

  13. Dallas will be in a Championship 38-10 blow out

  14. The only negative clip I've seen about Dallas and their chances this week. Everything else posted on YT seems to favor the cowboys over the slumping rams. LA losing to the bears and the eagles in the regular season has really made the tv and internet "experts" shy away from them, but Vegas still sees them as a favorite and Vegas puts it's money where its mouth is ..

  15. Cowherd is inconsistent on his opinions

  16. Dallas is way overrated! Worst QB in the NFL! Dak is a joke! Doesn't belong in the NFL! Cowgirls only have a running game and a decent defense! The Cowgirls should be making plans to go get a real NFL QB like Flacco!!!

  17. Yardage does not equal points. Points equal points.

  18. When Dallas lose this weekend, continue to do your show. Don't disappear.

  19. Hasselback is the most nobody quarterback to ever play.

  20. The game really wasn’t close lol, and without the 3 sideline catches this game is 24-6 and Wilson has 150 yards lol. Seattle got exposed for relying on the run game and the cowboys shut that shit down.

  21. Colin talks out of his ass

  22. What happened to Dak Prescott?

  23. He's right the team deserves a elite QB who can be on point four quarters often !

  24. Wolf Hunter and Here comes the boom Smith waiting on Mr Gurley

  25. If the cowboys win people gonna say they expected it because the rams can’t stop the run just anything to dis credit the cowboys

  26. This "inaccurate" talk is a little frustrating because you will see him throw the football accurately but not where the ball should be thrown like leading your receiver and they will be like "yeah that was an inaccurate throw". Dak has the highest completion percentage ever from in a QBs first 3 years. He might utilize check down often but for a young qb almost always a offense will try to make it easier on their young qb and have a lot of check downs. Dak obviously has some work todo but his accuracy isnt as bad as everyone says he just needs some more seasons under his belt

  27. Cowboys roster is loaded from top to bottom. If they don't win it all it will be because of the QB. Ots what people eho know what they're looking at understand.

  28. On paper the Cowboys are the best team remaining in the playoffs. They should win it all if a certain player don't mess it up. What is your argument. Colon pointing out facts.

  29. Law the Cowboys dominated that game. What Colon trying to say is it should have been close. And he spot on.

  30. Law I agree with you but there will be situations in playoff games where the entire team will be held in check by opposing team for periods of time during the game. This is when a above avg qb will lead and make plays by so called carrying the team on his back. I believe now dak can do this in his own way somehow!!!!

  31. S/O to Law Nation. Salute 🏆

  32. These TV clowns are cowards, parrots and followers. They don't know sh!t. I'd rather watch YouTube channels like Law Nation, Cowboy Jobu, Voch Lombardi and others!

  33. Cowboys are playing at a neutral field on Saturday

  34. I'm so sick of people saying the Cowboys are overrated, I though embrace it, because it's gonna be fuel for the Cowboys to play better, give the Cowboys there respect! All you Stephen A. Smith wannabes!

  35. We can't compete with the Saints, yet we beat them when they were at their hottest during the year. 😂😂😂

  36. Hasselbeck is a clown. They say we have no shot, then when we win, they make excuses 😂😂. The Seahawks had the #1 rushing attack going into the game and the defense held them to 73 yards. Zeke had more yards than all of them combined. But according to Matt "we can't compete." 😂

  37. i have more confidence in asking my 5 month old boy, Ezekiel :), if the Cowboys are going to win than these so called experts… No objectivity on their part except for a handful of guys like Charles Woodson and DeAngelo Hall.
    For the record i asked Ezekiel (my 5 month old son) if the Cowboys would beat Seattle and he smiled so i knew we were good! i'm calling it now that the Cowboys will win and like Law said "How many points does it take to win a game? Just 1" so i don't care how ugly it is, or if the refs try stuff us over again…. All i know is this team knows how to WIN and that's all that matters!!!

    This team plays like an actual TEAM!!! and that's why they are excelling at the right time of the year because they believe in each other and want to do it for each other!!
    #Cowboysnationstandup! #SydneyAustraliaRepresenting!

  38. make a play late in the 4th quarter?? How about the 2 minute offence before half time that led to a TD??? The hate and no respect towards our Cowboys is seriously disgusting….. But it's all good because it only fuels the flames for the fire!!!! WE DEM BOYS!!!!!

  39. Rams are better on paper But paper champs don’t matter we are wayyy more scarier right NOW goin in with the momentum we got shiddd Lets finish thisDC4L!!!!!!!

  40. We drafted and developed the players, we earned the fruits of the tree

  41. He looked pretty accurate to me

  42. Colin your just hating on the cowboys because your team stinks…. Nothing better To do why on the air…

  43. I hope they keep doubting us! 💪🏿

  44. Recipe for dak to win. Like week 17 v Giants ? No running game /sub par passblocking and goes for almost 400 yards and 4tds haha. I love DAK. Keep doubting him! He's gonna be great! Fuel his fire!

  45. Enjoy the knowledge Law… Much Love
    Spitting knowledge like my brother CowboyComputer
    Representin from Mississippi

  46. " Law we gonna let the haters keep talking" Dak& Zeke and the Hot- Boyzs keep whipping Azz..Like grown men..🤗🤗🤗

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