1. Dak is the man bro

  2. Thank you for this! ❤️ mhwlawfirm.com always on your side.

  3. Law we need to be able to afford elite players to put around him Dak isnt the kind of qb to put a team on his back he just needs to drive that dart bus

  4. Dak is gonna look at what Brady makes and take that

  5. And if my calcutions are correct Dak is 14-5 in prime time games in the regular season including thanksgiving day games and 2 of the loses were last year during Zeke's suspension. 14-3 in games both Dak and Zeke play.

  6. To everyone who's saying they don't understand why we drafted Taco in the 1st, you couldn't bank on Randy coming back. D-law hadn't broke out yet. We didn't have the DE talent that we have now when we drafted him. We needed pass rushers when we drafted him. Hindsight is always 20-20

  7. May complain about Dak but when its money time he shows up. Maybe fans prefer CousINTS.

  8. Y’all keep forgetting Zeke has been hurt for a few weeks with a hip and defenses know this and they attack him that way. Talk about watching games. Wake up, y’all. Zeke is a MONSTER. HES NOT MORTAL!
    Everyone talks about beast mode, but ZEKE IS “THE TRUTH”!

  9. AND DAK MAKES THE PLAY!!!!!!!!!
    He did it in college he did his rookie year AND HE’S ULTIMATELY DONE THE SAME THIS YEAR EVER SINCE HE GOT HIS #1WR!!!!!
    Dak had a BAD GAME and still won after all the turnovers the last two weeks.
    Difference is Dak takes care of the ball 99% of the time.

  10. Whats song is the intro beat from?

  11. Law Dak's going to make his in do time trust me bro….

  12. I tried to like it 2 times

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