1. I'm a cowboys fan..but Dak is far too foolish as a QB (in Dallas) we deserve better

  2. Yo, I am really in awe @ how every dam Dam does is scrutinized for breathing thru his longs and thinking for himself! No matter what, from not being able to throw past 5-yards to can't go over 200 yards to not having an arm! This man has to have nerves of steel bc if not, he would commit suicide trying to keep.up with pleasing these mofos

  3. Law Nation, let me give you a catch phase when you getting ready to destroy them with facts. I was in the Army for 22 years. We had a saying that goes something like this. "There's perception and then there's reality"…lol and then you go in. You can use it…lol

  4. Actually the falcons drafted Julio Jones in 2011, 2010 Jones was playing for Alabama but Matt still had weapons.

  5. Let’s try this but with Patrick Mahomes I want to see how Dak compares with him.

  6. Its funny law take away amari's yards he would have just about the same yards as carson nothing said about that either when carson is under pressure he don't throw the ball as good either c'mon man stop it!!!!!

  7. I agree Law, when within the 20 yds red zone we need to have Dak under center and run Zeke from an I formation!

  8. Dak deserves some respect for winning games! Daks first three years are better than a lot of 1st rd pick qbs! So in Dak we trust! Wins are the most important stat! He’s a winner! Aloha Yong

  9. Whitlock is the biggest hater

  10. Matthew Stafford has 18 TDs and 11 INTs. DAK 17TD and 9 rushing and INT 7

  11. What frustrates me is people over look the fact that the coaches DO NOT play to the TEAMS STRENGTHS or DAK'S STRENGTHS . As LAW pointed out….. four vertical in the red zone instead of designed plays to run the rock whether by RPO or handing off to Zeke. Dak plays better in RPO and play action but we don;t see this on the regular…. Yet we blame Dak for that? This is one of the reasons first season Dak balled out.

    Cooper admitted last night on the 75yd TD that they called the same play again on the stop route but when they went to snap Dak looked at Coop and signalled to GO. Yes the ball was little overthrown but they got the play done after going against the playcall….

    LOOK AT THE WHOLE DAMN PICTURE BEFORE JUDGING OR BEING CRITICAL OF A SITUATION….. Dak is more than capable to run this team and be a good QB. stop hating and start supporting the kid and be positive!!!! we are getting those W's

  12. Everyone is so critical of Dak. 2016 was an amazing year he was a rookie , no teams had film on him and Zeke, had better mentors and a qb coach, HOF TE and Dez who could draw double coverage, and a dominant O-line in 2016. Back then all everyone talked about was how Dak has all this upside he plays like a pro, future franchise qb, with superbowl rings to come. Now they say how bad Dak is. He's inconsistent, can't throw no more than 10 yards, no pocket presence, turns the ball over etc.

    Lets be honest Dak does need a lot of work accuracy, footwork, pocket awareness, etc but he will give you a better chance to win. The organization failed as well. Never should of let Ronald Leary go, Added better quality depth to the Oline, A Number 1 receiver ( before Cooper), better TE's , QB coach and horrible offensive play calling. Rather have Dak than Cooper Rush and Mike White right now.

  13. U guys base stuff on your narratives not the sport r real competition taking place on the field,Dak Prescott is just as good as other QBs ask Detroit went was the last time they been to a playoff

  14. I'm over 50% running four verts in the red Law…… Dump off to Zeke on the out route outt he backfield or bease on the slot seam. Can't cover both. If they do…50-50 to Coop or Mike

  15. Go with 2000 Ravens formula? WE SPENT A FIRST ROUND PICK ON COOPER. Listen Dak is only going to get better. This crap talk will end when he and Gallup get on the same page. When they do, it's over.

  16. Dallas is gonna go heavy on the offensive linemen on the second day in the April draft. Dak shines at times and that gets him a nice contract very soon. He'll get one slightly lower then the Sb qbs but he'll get one. The fact that he regrouped after his seemingly fatal fumble shows hes a talent. Fans are quick to forget his numbers in his first playoff game when he played like a seven year veteran. Steve Young loved the guy in 16.

  17. Jerry is going to give him a Dak friendly contract

  18. Law thanks for the piece on Dak. Any chance you have a piece on the te duo of Jarwin and Schultz if they have another 93 yard performance? We know that Schultz is a blocker but he did well sunday in a big game. Jarwin although gawky has long arms and hes 6"5" ? He had a very good vertical leap at the combine. Is he a Larry Bird like athlete who looks clumsy? They both sat in the seam and ran good routes! Can't wait to see if those guys help out sunday.

  19. His new contract💰, will be on how this season ends.

  20. Turnovers is what scares me the most about Dak I would resign him, but not for big money , unless he wins the Superbowl

  21. Dak is good at times and sucks at other times hes an inconsistent QB

  22. Law Dak is due to start hooking up with Gallup. Hell 13 should have atleast 200 more yards this year with a couple more tds. Perhaps Dak gets happy feet with his questionable offensive line? One thing about Dak is that at Mississippi State his average per pass completed was 8 yards? Seems kinda low. I'd have to look into other players.

  23. Why is it that Dak has to be perfect. I think its because Cowboys haven't won playoff games yet. Doesn't have Cache and media just wants to bash the young man because he's not perfect. For a 4th rounder, I'll take him. Thanks.

  24. Just found your page.. Love the Facts… Love My Dallas Cowboys and I Believe In Dak Prescott!!!! =D

  25. Low I've been watching Dak Prescott since he was at Mississippi State Dak is a competitor I rather have all the wins that he have then some of the quarterbacks that been in the league, yes he's going to get better this just his third year in the league, you tell true facts man keep telling the facts people don't want to hear the facts but keep telling the truth.

  26. They try to make the excuse that eagles are banged up. Every team is bang up.. I think Dak torches them 4 other games. That's why he's not scared

  27. Dak is 30-15 since being drafted. He wins games. He's about to get the division title for the 2nd time in 3 seasons. He missed the playoffs by 1 game last year. He can improve and I think he will. Brady, Ben, rivers, Wilson didn't come out throwing it 40 x a game either . they all developed and progressed. He had a old witten, a broke down dez and no receiver till cooper this year. Had Zeke suspended 6 last year with a plethora of injuries all over the team. Hes ok and I don't care if he doesnt throw for 350 with 4 tds. A wins a win. He will only get better.

  28. Now I’m not saying Dak is a better thrower than romo because he is not, but do you guys remember how many interceptions romo would throw a game? The man would have games where he would throw 4 in a game and put us in bad position. Fans just want to remember the romo that would throw 300 yards and no interceptions. Again dak ain’t romo with the accuracy but give the man time. Romo took a while to get to an elite level

  29. People love to hate on Dak. It's that simple. The end result was a win. Yes he threw interceptions. Yes he fumbled AGAIN. But in the 4th quarter and OT he dominated.

  30. Law Dak needs to have better ball security and cant leave points on the boards.

  31. Law, if not for Dak the Saints and Eagles games are blowouts. He's been in the league for 3 years. Deshaun Watson and Baker Mayfield have much less game experience than Dak does combined, yet they look so much better as QBs. I know they were drafted higher, but in year 3 we can't use that as a footnote anymore.

  32. This is the type of show that I like…..It deals in fact. Yes anyone can have an opinion, but not everyone has facts. You can't make up your own facts, they must be rooted in reality. Great show LN, keep up the great work.

  33. What round don't matter! When was Brady drafted? Lol

  34. Give it to em LAW FACTS !!!!!!!

  35. Law…we just wanna superbowl…the drought is real

  36. Im very worried weve left alot of points on the field this year , and im not hating on him but alot of that is on Dak , if we want a ring he needs to clean it up .

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