2. Play calling was garbage. Run game execution was garbage and how TF do you run 2 plays inside there 40 with 1 min left. GARBAGE GAME.

  3. We have no coach or a starter Qb. Can't win consistently without those.

  4. As bad as the cowboys played in this game they still had a chance to at least tie the game and play in OT and that makes this a frustrating loss, The cowboys started the game pretty sloppy and whenever they start sloppy they tend to play like that all thru out the game and that's what happened, poor coaching specially on the last drive, no sense of urgency from the coaches and the offense, its like Dallas is never prepared for situational football

  5. He needs to progress in letting that thing fly just trust they will get open or throw them open more than he does

  6. Do you know what masterful means😬

  7. Our line sucks . Our QB sucks and our coaching sucks period.

  8. 3rd year veteran, he needs to get busy

  9. Keep coddling Dak guys I'm not giving him a pass

  10. Penalties killed us! Prescott played a masterful game! I think the passing game is coming along!

  11. The guy that was on da show with you didn't really watch da game cause he said on the 2 fumbles Dak had that the redskins scored 14 points but it was only 7. Defense held on da 1st fumble and da redskins had to punt. Dak played great regardless to what he says. What game was he watching. If Dallas lineman wasn't holding when they got the 1st down to get da flag which backed them up to goal line, we wouldn't be in that situation. That was also caused by bad or no blocking. I am a Cowboy fan of the Cowboy team not just Dak and believe on putting blame where it should be regardless to the saying it's all on da quarterback when it comes to offence. Dak did carry da offence and did a great job but da receivers dropped passes that hit them in da hands. There were missed blocks, and penalties that caused da loss of that game more than anything else. You put da blame on da whole team as a unit but if u wanna single guys out it was not Daks fault. He threw passes dropped by da receivers and made a way to get them in field goal range but he don't kick field goals and he didn't get da false start penalty.

  12. I didn't say anything after the Houston game. Because I knew the score did not represent this offense. I suspected the real Dak would show up. He has more fumbles than games played. Some one for Dallas usually recovers it. But he fumbles more times than games played. On 4th and 13 I thought he was going to take the sack. But he got lucky and Jarvis became open enough for Dak to through the ball. One of the times he ran he had two open receivers down field. We can make all the excuses we want but an average QB would not face the schemes Dak is facing for very long simply because and average QB would torch them.

  13. Penalties and Turnovers. Same reason as the other road loses.

  14. At the end of the day, we lost, we suck & we trash. The End!!!

  15. This team is so damn frustrating to watch.

  16. D-Line look better with Randy instead of Taco

  17. Smith's back and knees can't handle the speed. COWBOYS FAN FOR LIFE

  18. This has nothing to do with the Dallas Cowboys but I do want to know how can Kansas City come up with this awesome team they have virtually overnight please tell me that with the salary cap rates how did they do what they're doing now there something wrong with that Please get back with me on that thank you

  19. On that Dak fumble where the Redskins scored i think his biggest issue was that he had been stepping up into the pocket and taking hits all game and was like nope f this im out and couldnt get away. Here is what i saw and remember just from watching the live game. Dak held in the pocket again on some plays and tried to get the ball out but was getting pressured up the middle. Dak needs to make a decision. At this point i dont give a damn what that decision is but he needs to decide what he is going to do with the ball and just do it. He over thinks to many throws, hesitates and gets sacked. Although again there were some more sacks that were caused by Daks inability to make a decision this "elite" top paid O-Line is playing like they are below average in pass protection. They are playing something god awful in run pro which is what they were all picked up for so we could win running the ball. I knew the Redskins defense was built to stop the run but 15 for 35 yards…thats plain garbage. Also zeke had a td hit him square on the jaw and dropped it. Dak showed improvement which sounds strange to say but when is the last time we saw him sniff 300 yards passing. With how players were talking this week im hoping this pisses them off to their core and they come out with something to prove the rest of the season. However this is a garrett lead team so they probably will take several days off during the bye and come out flat on the road against another good defense when they play the titans.

  20. What about the clock management at the end of the game? Should've clocked the ball and took a shot at the endzone

  21. Gallup fuckin BURNT his man, wide fuckin open man. This shit sucks

  22. There was one time where dak saw rush during a draw and tried to keep it but Elliott took it anyway you can tell dak tried to keep it

  23. U cant put it all on dak. There was alot of penalties that killed drives,

  24. Before dak fumbled near the end zone he had gallup or maybe it was hearns up the sidelines wide open. And he had time and refs are horrible

  25. Didn't execute sloppy play.

  26. Scott Linehan be playin wit my emotions wit his pla selections. Da whole Game Linehan mentality was like let's keep it close & rely on our Defense. These slo' starts are kraZay. iSaw no urGency til da Game was almost Ova. He do frustrate me. He's awful & he can't win consistently wit Dak. Dam!! We seen diz B4 from diz coachin' staff.. Unbelievable!!

  27. This sounds out the box, but tomorrow is going to be a huge team bonding moment. For those who don’t know, our team is staying an extra day in DC to visit the African American history museum. Moments like that can bring a whole team together and it can have a positive effect on our play.
    It does suck scoring 40 vs (a still) elite defense to taking steps back offensively again!!!

  28. Tom Brady been playing 2 0 yrs

  29. I mean, Frederick makes a lot of adjustments BUT Smith got smoked. Kerrigan is no chump… but he's not Clowney either. So we BUILT our team on Running the ball, by DOMINATING the front line with this O-line, but we no longer can do that. Zeke in the 3 games on the road, his stats show that. So by all means, let's shit on Dak some more… but the thing we paid big money on, the line, Is falling apart. Especailly if Frederick doesn't come back… real chance he never plays again. This is a coaching staff that doubled down on this thinking… and there's rumblings that Garrett is getting an extension. That concerns me 10 times more than Dak.

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