1. Law all of them sports talk people contradict themselves everyday

  2. Can't even listen to that idiot.

  3. he uses stats all the time

  4. colin cowherd is contradicting himself….

  5. Dak Prescott completed 27 of his 44 passes for 387 yards and four touchdowns in the team's Week 17 win over the New York Giants.
    Russell Wilson completed 12-of-21 passes for 152 yards, one touchdown, and one interception in Seattle's 27-24 Week 17 win over the Arizona Cardinals.

  6. Just win baby

    (Beat hard law)

  7. Why does Colin have a show? Hypocrite

  8. All you care about is wins 32 wins in 3 yrs he is a moron

  9. Just watched him on twitter and used all kinds of stars to say LBJ better than MJ

  10. Zeke sat because he needed to be rested! Dak played to stay in Rhythm! Luck ? What has he won ? IJS!

  11. Beast Mode , The Legion Of Boom ! One of the Top Defenses during that time period ! He keeps naming guys that lose, not winning ! SMH!

  12. 32-16 over 3 yrs ! Isn’t that winning ! Russell Wilson isn’t in his 3rd year! Exactly that’s BS Blind stat test! SMH! He wants to be right about Dak so bad.

  13. Exactly ! Because it makes him look bad about Dak!! He is a Flip Flopping idiot ! When we beat The Seahawks! SMH! He will contradict himself shortly about Stats! SMH!

  14. Drew Brees went 7-9 3 years in a row from 2014-2016.

  15. Youre too bias to give a honest assessment….

  16. Law….he got a point on AARON RODGERS….stats vs wins

  17. Colin CowTurd knows nothing. We started on O-Line, left to right: Cam Fleming, Xavier Su'a-Filo, Joe Looney, Connor Williams, La'el Collins. Later lost Su'a-Filo for Redman, yet still Dak came out and willed a win! We are for real! We can win the Super Bowl with the play of Dak!

  18. He had beast mode and a defense his first 3 years what is he talking about

  19. what about beast mode? didnt seattle boast the oline and beast mode? look it up

  20. Help me here, is ratings stats, is likes, stats is subscribions stats,do high ratings demand more pay…colin you left espn because you demanded more money because of your ratings/stats!!c'mon man🤣🤣🤣👀

  21. Colin made reference of Dak getting shutout against INDY but failed to mention INDY being shut out by JAX, a team we demolished.. The Cowboys Haters are REAL!!

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