1. What he did is removed himself from the safety of the pocket which formed around him and changed the whole dynamics of the rush against him, giving the defense the opportunity to disrupt whatever he is doing. In his 3rd season he is supposed to know these things by now. If he doesn't know this by now then when will he? I'm sorry but this qb is not going to get much better.

  2. Oh and Dak rolls left because Moore's a lefty man and that's whose teaching him! In all seriousness, this coaching staff has failed Dak Prescott so miserably.

  3. Yeah Dak's trust in the O-line has disappeared since ATL last year and I don't blame him…they gave up double the pressures/sacks the last 8 games and it hasn't stopped since. Some of it is his fault but the o-line has been absolutely putrid. When you invest so many picks and contracts into a unit and it underperforms your entire team suffers, especially when this team is built on the o-line functioning at a high level. We're a running team, Dak's never going to have consistent 300+ yards 3 TD games but he needs to play better. This coaching staff is hurting Dak and isn't giving him ANY HELP AT ALL.

  4. Great breakdown Law. I agree that Dak should have run on that play. I will disagree that the TE was open. That Safety was sitting on that route and had Dak thrown it, it would have been an easy pick. That is why Dak through the ball away. The safety was watching Dak the whole time. But all in all you are 100% correct that Dak should have ran the ball on that play and his decision to rollout like that was absolutely stupid. He HAS to get better at this part of his game. I wished he had a bona fide QB coach. It would do wonders for him.

  5. U asking him to make throws he can’t make . Stop blaming everybody around him.face facts.

  6. Law bro as you break down that play like you say he have to release the ball alot quicker also as he was doing his drop steps back hurns start becoming open he looks that way but that was to try to throw the defense off but if he would have stayed looking at hurns he had the inside where Dak could have fired the ball in there to him but he not trusting his recievers he waiting to see if seperation first than he throwing it. Like I said on Voch vlog if he let it go before time it will be heaven for him & the recievers 💯 #salute

  7. ..now can we try to trade sean lee for a 1st rd pic??


  9. Law, that staff change should include Jerry. I'll continue to blame him as long as he is Gm.

  10. At this point do you really think a different quarterback is going to make a fucking difference if the other team knows what the fucking play is before the ball is snapped what difference does it fucking make

  11. 0 they've been doing those seven step drops all season and it's not fucking working they have success when they move. Prescott outside the box play action thanks and run options that's when they have their most success but that fucking coordinator refuses to play the Dak Prescott strengths

  12. Honestly it kinda makes me mad even tho you give a great break down but your criticism needs to be a bit more on pace with what are have been saying for months homie..

  13. Law I hate to say it but you are a few weeks to late on saying what we have been saying for the past 10 games.. you called us half fans when we'd said that.. you told us to be patient when we where saying the same thing

  14. Interesting how a QB whose been criticized for holding the ball and being too afraid of throwing a pick all of a sudden throws into double coverage like that. I

  15. It's true Dak got happy feet on that play. Linahan,Garrett and Moore have to go. The new coaches must institute an offense that allows the receivers to run ROUTES not just run straight down the field. You have to put the defender on your hip. Force him to reach across the receivers body to make a play.. Put it like this. Andy Reid makes adjustments and comes back in the 4th qtr. So does Belicheck, Payton even my man in LA. But Jason Garrett No freaking way

  16. need a QB coach and head coach


  18. He's NEVER been a pocket passer!!!! Defenses know this!!! He had his 1 good year!!! Defenses are now making him play to his weakness!!!

  19. I don't believe the coaches are helping with his development . He needs an experienced quarterback coach!!

  20. That was a dumb ass play. Not one receiver crossing to make the DBs hesitate. They (the receivers) just run straight into coverage and turn back. The play should have the inside (slot) receiver flare out behind the two outside wide outs, the second wide out should go up and fade towards the middle where the safety is at while the wide out also fades up top to the top middle of the field. The slot receiver, after flaring out to the sideline turns up the field that was cleared by the two outside wide outs. Prescott would be rolling out right of the pocket with a clear one on one match up with the slot receiver vs slot corner. Amari should have been the slot receiver because of his speed and separation. Gallup should be lined up as the lone left receiver taking a hard slant from left to right turning up the field where the slot receiver vacated as Prescott's second option. Hope this all made since…I have limited football knowledge.

  21. Dak had Tony coaching him up during his rookie year.

  22. If we don’t turn this around soon I think Elliot should go else where .. the guy is too good to be stuck in a organization that refuses to make changes so the team can win, like I hate how waste great talent.. Sean lee was great talent and we didn’t get him help really till this year with jaylon being fully healthy but we wasted romo dez and written etc it’s sad, we need change

  23. LAW!!! Defense is playing backed up!!! The play was poorly designed! This was a 4th n 10 play!!! Dak has always stayed in the pocket and always rolled out when needed

  24. So the o line getting false starts and holding pushing the cowboys to 1st and 20 isn’t a problem?

  25. you said your not throwing Dak under the bus, why not? He has done this all season!!! Mariotta stayed in the pocket under a collasping pocket and threw the ball 50 yds with the dam receiver covered by 3 cowboys!! Dak lost the fire last season and it's only gotten worse this season!!! tried believing in and supporting Dak despite that I saw his decline last season, we all did!!! every post game interview,the exact same thing is said by Dak and Garrett. quit the f'n talking and start doing!!!Bench Dak and let Cooper and White play. Maybe it will make Dak mad enough to return to form, that is if he has any fire left inside.the video law just played shows that he has lost his fire and will!! I saw 2 receivers he could have hit, but he was too busy bailing out of the pocket!!!!!! Dak has lost his nerve!!!!!

  26. Don't respect Qb coach needs a real coach not a trainee

  27. meaning he got to adjust to wat the Defence is trying to bait him in their scheme..cuz he's on the field..and the Q- B..

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