1. I been riding with these Boyz since 1975

  2. Cowboys vs Bears will be this year NFC championship game. Both team will beat the 1 and 2 seed on the road. Defenses win championships

  3. Dallas Cowboys 4Eva!

  4. 2day dat was: Victorious, Monday. Law, cowboys all da way Up…

  5. When Brunson gon finish that debate though lol..that boy said ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  6. am the dallas cowboys #1 fan..jj may own them ..but let's be clear,,its my, team..i drive the wagon and i got the pedal to the metal.and i like driving it empty ,cause none ya schmucks possess a party invitation ,u dont belong on the table …theodore roosevelt wrote about squids like u..
    .dak is the lone liability on this team….he lacks the brain for this ,at this level.. wanna be fans need to see beyond the looks and analyse the plays on the field..DALLASCOWBOYS4VR.. he missed wide open receivers,had the ball ,all game ,and needed ot…great qb?

  7. al the squids who are all moist over dak since he came on the scene .have a very low football iq..as most cowboys fans do. i have never compared dak to another qb. but stevie wonder can see dak is slightly below average at best.it s not hate,slaps.
    i also always say i can and overlook his limitations,as long as he wins,even if he tries to give the game away..
    liston squids,who lead time of possession?who has the great D? unheard of in the NFL to possess the ball that long..who needed over time?i know most of you sissy cowboys fans have no clue what i just asked…/.


  9. I Was With You and Still With You

  10. Copy paste
    โ€œYou can never not be happy after a Cowboys win on this victory Monday…..but let's get real here….we didn't beat the eagles we escaped the eagles…again…..I still refuse to drink the kool-aid on Prescott….sure 400+ yards in passing but 3 turnovers against that abysmal defense? I'm not gonna hand it to him until he shows one thing that he has failed to do over and over and over again…. CONSISTENCY!!!!! Wins do not equal consistently and it's getting kinda hard to enjoy a Cowboys game when the quarterback keeps giving you an aneurysm every damn week…I mean c'mon hold him accountable for somethingโ€

    -Hybrid 19

  11. nobody Law' all of them hating on Dak' but look at us now.. Superbowl baby..#How bout Dem Cowboys..

  12. I don't care what anybody says. Refs can and will make or break your heart!! Ex… The two pissberg superbowls. And furthermore, thank you Gruden for disrespecting a future hall of mfng famer. Total stud man, Cooper!! We gonna suprise the world… Something fate delights in…. TMAN!…

  13. Byron Jones Overrated… teams don't throw his way for whatever reason…. You see wat happens when they do!

  14. 5 years 100 million – 80 million Guaranteed for Dak (20m avg)
    5 years 90 million 25m SB – 54 million Guaranteed for D-Law (18m avg)
    5 years 80 million extention with 25m SB + 13.9 final year. – 6 yrs / 94 million for A/C (16m avg)
    5 years 75 million 45 Guaranteed for Byron Jones (15m avg)
    5 years 75 million ext – 45 Guaranteed for Zek (15 avg)
    2 year ext 16 million Guaranteed La'el Collins.
    3 years 15 million – 9 Guaranteed Beaz.
    2 years 8 million – David Irvin – Prove It deal with a team option.
    3 years 10.5 Swain
    2 year 5.5 ext Heath.
    2 years 2.5 million Olawale
    15 of the top 20 sealed…all fit nicely on a cap of over 200 million rising from 6 to 8 % Annually.
    So Stop the Angst.

    2nd Round Pick) OG/OT Derwin Gray 6'5 330 Maryland – Starting Left Guard
    Connor Williams becomes primary T. Smith backup and Utility 6th blocker.
    3rd Round Pick) TE Zach Gentry 6'6 265 Michigan – since they refuse to use Rico
    4th Round Pick) OT/OG Bobby Evans 6'4 315 Oklahoma – 8th guy behind resigned Flemming
    4th Round Pick) RB Jalin Moore 5'11 210 Appalachian St – Zek complement
    5th Round Pick) DB Jamal Peters 6'2 220 Miss St – 9th DB
    7th Round Pick) LB Gerri Green 6'3 245 Miss St – Wilson Replacement.

  15. Dallas suck ass with refs help

  16. 1st play fumble dumbass refs said it's not a clear fumble recovery lmfao. Coincidence no 2xs same shit…Earn your keep don't LEBRON THEM…

  17. I lost my voice at the stadium howling at the end of game haha

  18. Drink up that winning coffee! Go HOT BOYZ! OOOoooooOOOOO (howling)

  19. i remember romo threw for 500 yrds in a game and we lost ha ha ha stop hating on dak and get the hell out of here and dont come back

  20. all u so called hating cowboy fans dont come back when we win the sb…

  21. anyone who finds negatives in this game is stupid you play to win the game we were supposed to choke GO COWBOYS..

  22. I enjoy the victory but I donโ€™t like Dak cause heโ€™s very Ify

  23. Ill give dak credit for his ability to not get frustrated by mistakes and keep his head in the game and pull off some amazing stuff when its needed its how you finish not how you start

  24. That was the worst 400 plus passing game I have seen.

  25. Good win for yโ€™all. The refs worked us lol

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