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  2. Law I’m scared to death! I really think Seattle is going to win and no matter what dak does it won’t make a difference because Seattle will run up and down field all game long. Their running game is legit but they also a young team and maybe their running success this season will stall out once real pressure vs a good defense on road kicks in! If Dallas starts off slow like 2016 playoff game than we in trouble!

  3. Just a quick suggestion, get you a small mix board, like 4-6 channels and plug your audio feed into a fader so you pull it up and down as you load content. Great video clip from 105.3 , this only confirms my thoughts that SL might be on the out this year regardless… then again, I might just have high hopes.

  4. Wilson would like to sit on the bench. For 40 minutes Saturday. So he can watch the game!!! Lmao 😂

  5. We have to overcome turn overs, take aways, and penalties!!! We limit them. We will win!!!!

  6. I don’t care what the final score is as long as we win!!

  7. david irving needs to grow a pair..and kick that bitch to the curb..his bitch is running his life,,,to the gutter..clarlly has no male role models ,or never got any trim before

  8. Law.the defensive has got to come in play like the 5th rated d that it is point blank….

  9. Didnt know the denzel sons did a videocast

  10. Ezekiel Elliott is the man!! He's a beast!!!!

  11. I totally agree with you about David Irving!!! He should've had his shit together by now!!! Cowboys are going to beat the Seahawks!! GO COWBOYS GO!!!! DC4L!!!!

  12. Damn I missed your live chats again but I did watch the video and like always it's always right on point go Cowboys law Nation number one🤠☝🏻

  13. Check out my video / film break down Cowboys vs Seahawks break dwn part 2
    With Benjamin on YouTube

  14. After we beat Seattle the talking heads will bring up the weakness of Seattle’s regular season games and continue to disrespect us but that’s good the team seems to flourish whenever they are disrespected

  15. that beat is 🔥🔥

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