1. With that said Let’s go Cowboys

  2. I want to hump Lea Harper

  3. Es jame harden o se parece a jame harden

  4. Dallas scored 16 points the last two games after Elliott returned last year WITH Dez on the field as well? Bryant isn't a great wr now by any stretch.

  5. How many BIG plays has Marenilli's defense had in his stay in Dallas? How can you expect to win playoff games without EVER getting a big play!!!!?

  6. Marenilli defense has O ints this year? When is the light gonna finally gonna go on for Jerry? Jeez the guy can barely walk now? Ask Rod to resign nicely? The Cowboys aren't a football team, they are Mayberry community. Garrett needs to attend theology school and get the hell of Dallas.

  7. It'd be real nice to see Dallas come out and jump on Houston for a change? Not with Garrett and our two guys. They just aren't capable at all.

  8. Defense is going to smash that offensive. Ezekiel Elliott might break brittle JJ Watt just saying

  9. I missed your live. Dez wants to come back! What do you think?

  10. Lol its a home game for us Dallas all day baby. David irving coming back too

  11. Came too late watching the stream but im watching the upload πŸ‘Œ thanks law !

  12. Let's bring dez back. And have him as our #1/2 wide out for now. And draft a true number one next year.

  13. 2 year 12 million with incentives in place.

  14. Texas are hungry we better run the ball heavy and often. Play action and good blocking is a must. Also Sunday night will be the turnover game. Chide 1 pick and Law 1 sack and force fumble. They won't test #31 much.

  15. Did you see this comment

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