1. NOW HEAR THIS:   I never ever watch, why you ask?   Why do you do a Cowboys podcast at the SAME TIME an  OFFICIAL Cowboys podcast  (COWBOYS (LUNCH) BREAK???   Sorry but you do not bring anything  new to the table. The Cowboys podcasts are NOT homer shows.  You honestly you spend most time saying hello  to people, I feel like I am on a float at a gay parade (    LISTEN   I support what you do I ALWAYS WIL  but please do not do the show at same time DALLLASCOWBOYS.COM  is doing a show:   See while you were  doing this show  this other show was airing   https://www.dallascowboys.com/video/cowboys-break-assessing-the-playoff-scenarios     Now you tell me what show has better information???   Listen, have your podcast, that is awesome but you should NOT take Cowboys fans away from THESE shows to listen to your show which cannot even compete.  NOW,  let's be really honest here okay?WHO THE FUCK CARES WHAT THE NATIONAL MEDIA THINKS????? They are not there at the STAR everyday.   These cats, other than IRVIN or WOODSON  could not tell you who the fuck Antuan Woods or Xavier Woods. are.   Also,   WHO THE FUCK IS NICK WRIGHT??? WHO??   MAX KELERMAN?? WHAT THE FUCK DO I CARE ABOUT A BOXING DUDE GIING US RESPECT??   STEPHEN ASSHOLE SMITH IS A SHOCK  JOCK  WHO IS MAKING A NAME OFF OUR LOGO.    CHRIS FUCKING CARTER???   SOME OVERRATED,  TIP TOE SIDELINE  RECEIVER TO AFRIAD TO GO OVER THE MIDDLE.   CRIS CARTER HAD TO BEG AND POLITIC HIS WAY INTO THE HOF.   CHRS CARTER  HATE IS A KNOWN COWBOYS HATER, WHY SUPPORT HIS SHOW??   Who the fuck cares what he or Colin Herd (whatever) thinks about our team?   Does the way they think about us matter???  This is as lame as bullshit "POWER RANKINGS."    Also,   I do NOT want to hear about KRIS RICHAR   he is a GREAT COACH  but Rod is letting Kris have  a largevoice because he is retiring at the end of this or next year and Richard  is taking over as Def. Corodinator  (Kris is NOT leaving anytime soon. HE IS NOT.   Another thing:   Peopleget the FUCK off Kellen Moore's back. NEWS FACTUAL FACT FLASH:    I love him to death but Tony Romo did NOT help Dak as much as you think he did and that has been confirmed   by BRYAN BROADDUS    and is  someone is going to say "Who is Bryan" Then YOU are a fraudulent Cowboys fan.  FACT:    Dak LOVES Kellen  and Kellen along with Sanchez helped Dak more than Romo.     So PLEASE keep doing our podcast  by all means but PLEASE do not do the show while our  OFFICIAL website  has a show airing at the same time.

  2. I think it's beat to put away the accolades and demands for some respect. In fact I prefer the negatives. Let them keep bad mouthing Dak, Jerry and the rest of it. It gives the Cowboys motivation to prove things wrong. When things go well they have a tendency to get too happy with themselves. They need to stay hungry. And let's not sleep on the Colts, Bucs, or the Giants. They will bring everything they got. The Cowboys need to be ready for that. And the playoffs will be a different animal all together. It's going to take everything from everybody(EVERYBODY) to get to where we want to get. Now is the time to fight for every DAMN inch. There is no other way. So ring that bell. Bring on the Colts. Let's rumble. How Bout OUR DALLAS COWBOYS

  3. No way our OC can figure out how to use a combination of Austin, Gallup, Cooper, and Beasley, in any shape form or fashion to exploit a defense or fix their red zone issues.

  4. Irving is gone end of the year to pay the folks that deserve to get paid, they can find a reliable replacement unless they put some stipulations to get what they are supposed to get from him every week, do him like they did Dez that way he has no reason outside of injury not to practice and or play.

  5. Go boy's for life… One game at a time. South Philly… From CT

  6. I believe Dak has grown this year, I understand he isn't going to complete 100% of his passes. But the pocket awareness really needs to improve, and like soon. He can't be this shaky in the shall I even say playoffs

  7. Law.. i enjoy the content u give us as a cowboy fan and football fan in general, keep up the excellent work… as a disabled war veteran i cant really donate, but i do what i can

  8. She is somekinda extra fine with that choker on.. wow haha

  9. And Law… man, cowboys GOTTA win this week for one reason… i live just outside of louisville and my brother is a big colts fan, i cannot put up with his mouth if the colts win lol

  10. Law… alot of fans don’t realize that cowboy nation never gets respect from the haters that have bled their way into these fake ass analysts jobs they get handed to them just because they used to play… everyone should know if u didnt play for the cowboys then u hated them

  11. I love the person that Cooper is. Seems like such a great guy. Proud to have him wearing the star. Hearing the man say "this is a dream come true" was beautiful.

  12. The team as whole does deserve respect, the defense should be feared

  13. Nah we don't need respect we're just gonna take it

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