1. That niggah look like James harden

  2. Dallas 20 houston 17
    I believe Dallas will, again, play down to the competition.. they got to keep it interesting for some reason. It will be a nailbiter….

  3. I hope DL get 2 sacks today so he can get the respect he deserves. This kid has worked very hard and plays smart. I believe he learned quick from a couple of early mistakes during his first games. I was not a believer but he has shown so much maturity since last year. He keeps his mouth shut and comes to play on Sunday. I wish more players were like him instead of putting drugs in their mouth and getting in trouble. Jerry Jones should pay this kid.

  4. My girl swear that I was watching a video of James Hardin…

  5. Dak Prescott says the cowboys have a plan for clowney and watt. He said there gonna run the ball a lot and take deep shots. That’s what we want

  6. Look it's going to be a season of lot's of ups and downs. This game will be a rough one. Houston has a good defense. So it will be important not to force passes that are not there. It should lots of running with Zeke and Rod Smith. And SMART passing. I'm guessing it will come down to the last 2 possessions. Smart playcalling and coaching must be the order of the day. Let's Go COWBOYS

  7. I believe in God (Jesus)!!!

  8. that 'ACME'cowboy fanbase of super geniuses all covet everybody eleses qb,but lament their own qb,just wow man!

  9. Let's try to excecute a few passes down field early as we have been then I want to see draw plays this game…let's get those pass rushers upfield and let zeke find creases

  10. Where’s that morning yac??? Irish coffee

  11. Tavon can’t drop touch down passes or dak will lose trust in him

  12. BeatThat Azz Cowboys!!! Let's Go!!!… Law Nation Poet Extraordinaire👍

  13. 23-19 Cowboys. D steps up and Dak has another pair of TDs. 1 passing 1 rushing. Zeke has about 115 and 2 TDs. 1 rushing and 1 receiving. The 3rd TD comes from the TE position either Rico or Swaim. Defense finally gets a pick lol. #DC4L ⭐⭐⭐

  14. I have faith in Dak and this team. I predict a 27 – 13 Dallas DUB, Rico gets a TD.

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