1. Side note Voch sound like Charles Barkley. I still love you Voch but damn….”Dis is tur bel.” Lol 😂

  2. 1600 total yards OU Texas Tech 2016 game. That game was insane I watched that entire nerve racking game lol

  3. I wish Voch fagbomdi would stay out this… Voch is hyper annoying. Sorry Law I don’t like that scrub

  4. cowboys secondary does not compliment the front. they are playing tighter but have no ball reaction.!!! need the shark defense back.!!! they are gonna test Byron Jones because no one else has. Giants did B.Marshall caught pass on him. our secondary needs to react faster. react to the ball and not be in chase mode. need safeties ready to jump some passes. again not be in chase mode.

  5. I did the miller lite club pass thing twice in 09 last reg season game against eagles and the playoff game after against eagles…..different experience outside of a reg seat…..trying to look up at the big screen sucked lol neck hurt trying look up all the time

  6. 🤣 that guy doesn’t know what’s he’s talking about.. law you da man tho!!!

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