1. Brother LAW PLEASE ….. I keep asking about Austin why or how is it possible that there isn’t ANY FLIM ABOUT THIS GUY I MYSELF am NOT CONVINCED

  2. Tavon and amari together. Wow

  3. David Irving needs to show up and show something. . .he has had time to handle and hire anyone to help him get over problems to get on the field.

  4. Gm From Dallas Texas…..Law Up Cowboys Nation

  5. David Irving in this last off-season said that he was medicated while playing last year. These comments along with other issues are why he not playing.

  6. Every time antwaun makes a play I just laugh hysterically. Got this guy off the trash pile.

  7. Zeke Elliot hb pass in red zone?? Saving it for playoffs?

  8. Maybe tavon can help in the red zone because if they don’t figure that out real quick it will be their downfall

  9. David Erving Need's to Put his Feet to the Medal and Mash the Gas-pedal People, because He's A Beast when His Mind Is On the Game and the Game Field πŸ’―% ! Tavon Austin is Much Needed back into Our Offensive Unit Sheepfold Again, because What We've All Seen from Jourdan Lewis Filling-in for Tavon Austin Ain't Gonna Quite Cut the Mustard for Us at All ! And Tavon's Speed and His Athletic Abilities will Help Keep Those Opposing Defense's that We're Facing Honest In their Defensive Play Callin' Scheme's Also. #10 and #95 Come-on Down, you 2 Are the Next Competitor's that Our Offense and Defense Need's to Go Upward To that Next Level Of "Owee"/and "O.M.G." !!!! "Go '2018 Dallas Cowboys 🏈-Team, Cowboy's Nation Fan-base & Fam-Lee" Too…. πŸ‘‰πŸƒπŸ‘Š πŸ‘„ πŸ’ͺ πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ ✌ i πŸ’™'em 😊

  10. DRAFT
    2nd Round Pick) OG/OT Derwin Gray 6'5 330 Maryland – Starting Left Guard
    Connor Williams becomes the back up Left Tackle/Utility Blocking 6th man
    3rd Round Pick) TE Zach Gentry 6'6 265 Michigan – since they refuse to use Rico for yal
    I like the 4 we have. I'd take the best Pass Rusher: Jaylon Ferguson 6'5 255 La Tech
    4th Round Pick) OT/OG Dennis Daley 6'6 325 South Carolina – back up Right Guard/Tackle
    Resign Cam Flemming 2 years 6.25 million as the swing tackle _ 9 good linemen
    4th Round Pick) RB Jamil Moore 5'11 210 Appalachian St – change of pace weapon.
    5th Round Pick) DB Jamal Peters 6'2 220 Miss St – play making big safety/corner
    7th Round Pick) LB Gerri Green 6'3 245 Miss St – big, stong side-Wilson-sub who can run

  11. Dear Lord, we asked that you touch David Irving to the point that when you send him back healthy, he's EXTREMELY disruptive to every QB in the league. Lord we ask that you also put enough energy into David he never again has an issue EVER!

  12. My Man Law ! You are the Law !

  13. Man! Stop acting like you gone spit some rymes.

  14. Randy has no off switch he all in πŸ’― I like that he's just being hit with ticky tac calls not his fault so let him play the upside is greater than the down. πŸ’ͺ

  15. πŸ’―πŸ€ πŸ€ πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

  16. Liked and Shared both channels Law, SALUTE!!!!!

  17. Taco created the Hot Boys. Demarcus Lawrence is the CEO. Jaylon Smith is a member. Vander Esh and Malek Collins are soon to be voted into the organization.

  18. Unfortunately for the guy talking about the Hot Boys stuff he is in fact wrong about the make up of such organization. For information on the Hot Boys and who is part of it check out the video out today from the Rich Isen Show with Jaylon Smith guest appearance talking about the Hot Boys.

  19. Irving not practicing today

  20. Randy Gregory has 5.0 sacks right now.

  21. Austin is Darren Sproles if used right. It’s easy to see the impact he had against US the other night.
    Talk about Irving all ya want but I’m so weary of people overlooking Taco AND Crawford.
    Taco is a natural on the left side and he’s not playing because DLaw wants a paycheck. Gregory is also in front of him because he’s a natural on HIS side. Taco and Armstrong are the best backups in the league behind some awesome starters.
    And don’t get me started on Ty!!! He’s been shuffled around the line and all he does is fill in ANYWHERE, PERIOD. People have also forgotten what he’s produced for several years now, especially at the under tackle. He has been a BEAST there lately and had a HELLUVA GAME against the Eagles. His best of the year.

  22. Yes Beasely wants more then 4 million a year ? Rofl Give him a pair of high heels and send him off to pasture. GREEDY IDIOT !!!!

  23. Woods might be the best free agent signing Dallas has had since Owens lol. The list of failure of free agent signees is endless.

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