1. I told you law the way Dallas plays you can’t win a super bowl. When Dallas wins they have to win ugly with dak struggling until 2h. The margin of error too dam small

  2. This is a horrible loss man. The way Dallas most makes it horrible. There is no one conclusion as to why and how we played bad. A lot of Dallas you tube people say coaches huge blame but that’s just part of it. If coaching is so bad why than does Dallas start off games this last few months scoring on opening drive or two? A big reason why coaches suck is because dak is a limited qb. The players have to play better the blame on coaches needs to stop. Dallas and dak still lucky dak should have thrown yet another almost should have been pick 6. Dak sucks until 2h or first drive of game. He deserves to be the qb still but he needs to improve man

  3. Dak could have played a lot better 1h man. He missed cooper on a 3rd down and he also missed Gallup at end half. He also almost threw yet another pick 6. His poor pocket awareness lead to a sack after he missed Gallup once again wide open. But 2h dak showed and proved why he should still be starting qb starting 2019 season.

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  5. I heard 95 failed a drug test. Joe thomas LVE and Jaylon and chris Covington should be our LBs b ui t we do a need a god prospect to train up.

  6. Need to get a Leveon bell to go with Zeke

  7. Scott Linehan couldn't come up with 40 plays that the opposition didnt recognize and who doesnt use a running quarterback. Coaches failed that team

  8. Real talk that was my very first reaction to the team since training camp. We need 1 , 2 change of pace fast back. DUMMIES GOT TAVON AUSTIN AND DIDNT DO SHIT WITH HIM

  9. Another piss poor showing by this illiterate coaching staff….defense was horrible. Not prepared at all. Better luck next year. Maybe Jones fires that washed up ass OC and DC now

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  11. What an embarrassing performance by the defense. Thanks for letting cowboy nation down. Fuckers couldn't get a stop to save their damn ego. Let D Law walk in FA… God damn no show with a big mouth

  12. I'll be a fan next year, but I'm not excited at all…this team didn't won with DeX Witten or Romo.. it sure as hell ain't winning with these dudes. Wake up and be the F real

  13. He sounds mad because we cut him!.. just saying

  14. Fuckin Joke, D Law has gots to go, the biggest dick on the team dont even touch the QB, Lmao that's funny.. But wait we will pay him dont worry. But I'll be the dick. F-OFF.. Sick of this joke

  15. This team is such a disappointment.. same shit every year. Thanx Dad for making me a Cowboys fan, so excited to be the same losers next year #GoCowboys

  16. Our DC got praise all year …well fuck him and his unprepared ass…he can take a walk too

  17. When the season is over, what else do you have to look forward to but next year. What is Jesse Holly talking about? He's just talking mad.

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