1. Joe flacco had 10k+ passing yards BUT if you include Daks passing and rushing yards he crushes Flaccos passing and rushing yards together. Dak is OVERLY underrated.

  2. I just love when they say that wentz is an mvp because of last year but dak just had a team around him? Both dak and wentz without a running game and defense struggle, just look at their rookie year and last year and the team around them. I’m pretty happy with my 4th round draft pick considering the eagles traded up to get wentz

  3. Man come on bruh you straight up hating merriman this wiley dude hating hard too. Straight hate. I think merriman and wiley got cte hate

  4. When Dak gets a real OC. All the haters gonna get served

  5. Dak 4th round and Wentz 1st round. Romo undrafted and Eli 1st overall – why analysts keep comparing talent when the draft says they're different. WE KNOW THEY ARE DIFFERENT TALENT LEVEL. The argument should be THAT GAP X Success rate = who is the better QB. If you have DAK who is 4th round with a better win % than Wentz, that's all that matters. Wentz is SUPPOSED TO BE BETTER. But on the field, is he?

  6. I don't watch that show anymore cuz all they do is hate on Dak all these guys been beat by cowboys that's the only reason why they hate

  7. Prescott has 5 interceptions this year , not 21.

  8. Dak has completed like 71% of his passes since Cooper came on board. He has just one int. He is still a work in progress. Coaches have to instill in him to throw the ball away or run when theres no one open. Its no secret that their o line is manned by some backups that have to be replaced. The line is littered with guys who are not starters. T. Smith with the injuries is obviously not a pro bowl player now either. Prescott needs to be given a little slack.

  9. When Dak started. He still had Romo on the bench to help him. And give him tips. Like mark Holmes and E2BLU say. Dak never had time to learn. Behind a good QB. And Dak had to learn on the fly. After Tony was gone. You can see Dak struggle more. A good coach is great. But you can't beat a veteran QB. To teach. Your new QB. Some coaches never played as a QB. I believe Dak can be a great QB. If he can get a good QB coach! He tries to think everything out. But when he is rushes. And no huddle. He doesn't have time to think. He just reacts! And does a better job! His mom told him to not throw interceptions! So he holds a bit long. But I'll take him holding. And get a sak. Over a turn over. Turn overs can lead to points. I think the cowboys are on a good run. And growing as a team. I think we will beat the eagle Dallas 24/ eagle 17 I hope the rotate Vander and Lee. So both can rest more. And come out stronger in each play. Vander Esch is the bomb. But he's event better. With more rest. When the offense controls the ball more! Was nice to see how he tanks. Thanks for the video!

  10. Why do they hate on Cowboys soooooo much? Never positives!

  11. Dak Prescott is not going to be the big numbers guy that Tony Romo was. No matter how much people want him to be. He leads his own way. Comparing him with anyone is pointless. Compare Dak with Dak.  Look I too am a bit frustrated at times with Prescott. I know he's better than this and so does he. And one thing I will say. He will work his tail off trying to fix his game. But what's more important is Dak taking care of what wins for the Cowboys. if that means dink, dunk and run(which he should be doing more of) than so be it. We the Cowboys Nation take the wins by any means. That's what really matters. Cowboys.

  12. Carson has only played one full season, right? How is Philly going to brag on a young QB that can't stay on the field, that has yet to play in the playoffs, and is another year from being able to try running the ball again? They'll need a will McClay for cheap complementary players.

  13. Only if dak can have a better qb coach.

  14. Goff 2016 year he only played 7 games

  15. Law I don’t believe dak is the answer. Dallas should’ve won by at least 21-28 points last week and dak fumbled again at the goal line if we wouldn’t have the defense bail us out again everyone would be talking about who is daks replacement next year. He’s tim Tebow with a spiral.

  16. Law Drew don’t have a TE now

  17. Wentz was a first round pick!!!! Prescott was a fourth round pick!!! Obvioisly Wentz is gonna be more talented, but damn… Prescott isnt to fat behind behind considering being a 4th round pick. People dont like to give dak enough credit.. He has not had a losing season.. Period. And they call these guys the pro analyst.. Ive been a football and cowboys fan for 4 years and have more rationalization than these guys and 80% of cowboys fans. 😂

  18. Merriman pissed Bec dware picked right before him had a better career and bparcells want merriman..yes he is sick lol

  19. This is the reason why Wiley is on this dumb show because the need to dumb people making stupid comments

  20. Merriman an old salty hater. thats what happens when your career fails early

  21. Merriman needs to go and spot someone in the gym cause he's purely lost as an analyst. His statements were moronic at best, Dak can't roll and throw an accurate pass to save his life?? And Dak was in the MVP conversation his rookie year, him and Zeke. Where do they get their information from, a few shows had them in the MVP conversation.


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