1. I feel bad for taco! He was starting but every time Gregory came in he was flying and then taco got hurt and lost his spot!!

  2. Y’all said it the defense is playing lots out and improved like crazy! That’s all coaching and playing as a unit! The offensive side doesn’t have that! You can tell the defense loves to play and wants to hit and I don’t feel the offense has that same intensity

  3. Loved the live stream. Lot of great input.

  4. Mark's dream to be a sports caster….for the Cowboys.

  5. Hi Guys! I missed the live!😢 Dak is young and still learning!! LET'S GO COWBOYS!!! DC4L!!!💋

  6. I think it’s be a different story if we fail to get that first down. At the end of the day. Cowboys fans be complaining about everything. Just enjoy that are winning mannn

  7. That's right. We doing something right with him love that coach!!!

  8. He can take us there now that we got some players

  9. Love it were on the road now. Let's go get it

  10. Come a long way mark with the studio I remember you first were putting together

  11. One game at a time you right. Playoffs playoffs!! Playoffs 😁😁classic

  12. Law nation. Wat up!! Ready to give some bad luck to the Colt's

  13. I like that book that's my Dog #22 all time baby!!

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