1. He got hurt Des got hut

  2. Sad that we are talking about this at this point of the year they should have there shit together by now smh. Atleast they can still win the nfc east somehow. #GoCowboys

  3. Love Cowherd blunt and truth

  4. NEPOTISM in business is a form of discrimination in which relatives and friends are hired for reasons that do not necessarily have anything to do with their experience, knowledge or skills.

  5. the only fake ass cowboys fans,are the ones who ignore the touchdown monster DEZ has been since 2010.and pop out wit 100 yards this and 1000 yards that,bullshit,and how he just wants the ball..listen football iq challenged sissyfied wanna be fans,who regurge whateverWORDShear ,but have no clue what they mean.am glad DEZ is gonna play ,and i will cheer for him getting a ring..and am also the biggest dallas cowboys fan,always will be.but they did dez dirty,,stevie wonder can see that..why do you schmucks think ,all the kiss ass candy coating cowboys shows ,includingSjones ,still keep talking shit about dez?cause he sucks?they got 5or 6 daylaborors to replace dez,and none can sit at the table with dez

  6. I come to a conclusion that Jerry doesn’t give a Rats 🐀 ass about winning a super bowl 🏟 right now because he’s winning when it comes to making money 💰 that’s all it’s about.. so it seems

  7. Even if your quarterback can pass a ball through a keyhole 😂. Love that quote

  8. The problem is Jerry Jones!

  9. Like the great bill parcells said " you are who you are"

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