1. And law collin said he had to face harbaugh lolol the 49ers sucked haha

  2. I smashed the like button for u law… always try to support u best i can… REAL analysis unlike the espn cowboy hating fake analyst… keep rolling

  3. I have said it all year and u just said it minus one word… a YOUNG qbs best friend is a good te lol

  4. I paused the video to answer ur question what the D does when the te is inline lined up and if he has the ability to go downfield like he showed against giants, u have to put ur best cover LB on him and keep a S back just in case and when u MUST roll a safety to cooper that mean NO 8 man boxes for zeke against a poor run D… zeke has a field day baby lol

  5. Come on Law… i must be the only person that think garrett is gonna be a great coach when all is said and done… this is his first time being a head coach and he is learning on the job… pete carroll flopped his first time and had to go back to college as a coach to learn to be better as a coach, he got fired in nfl… so give garrett a chance, he has done fine, gotten better as a coach and drafted fantastic the last 3-4 years

  6. In all honesty. Seahawks have always been a threat. Non biased , it will be a tough tough game. But we have everything we need to win. All players are healthy. We got coop, zeke gonna run his ass off and defense who has been a big part of our winnings. 24 -17 Dallas.

  7. What would be huge by the entire offense is stopping the f@#!Γ· ups vs Seattle. A lot of mistakes cost us games vs them recently.
    Last year, Dez fumbles, the ball bounces away from him and picked.
    Earlier this season.
    Dak has balls picked, one off of Gallups hands, one to Jarwin.
    Zeke steps out of bounds.
    Doesn't switch arms..fumbles.
    Clean it up. Play smart.

  8. u dont gotta go to the archives,,,we remember …

  9. I HAVE always maintained ,ill take the picks and bonehead plays .as long as dak pulls the rabbit otta his ass

  10. To beat the Seahawks it will take more than just Dak and Zeke. it will take everything from everybody and then some. And that goes for the entire organization. From Jerry Jones on down to the Waterboy. 4 years ago the Cowboys went to Seattle and emptied everything in their bucket. They punched Seattle right in the chops and took that victory. So for this Saturday Night, the Cowboys need to empty everything they got. That means nothing is off limits. Nothing is off the table. No hold barred. Cheat, steal, kill whatever it takes by any means. Ring that bell. It's time to get real in our house. DALLAS COWBOYS


  12. if you leave it up to the officials,the officials will ensure they decide .against you

  13. law .amari cooper is d-o-n-e done.finito,capoot, nada ,blankowe,hasta la vista baby.and aloha mens ,,,goodby. it also means,hello..
    cris carter says he knows the young man very well and has coached him..he also said .cooper needs some one to understand him ,was misunderstood in oakland ,and lost his confidence and love for the game ,or something to that effect.
    fresh helmet fresh start rebirth…then i hear a rumor ,,that lennysquigyhoolyhands, is a super bitch from hell thinks he has cunt between his legs.got salty about amari voicing input on a particul play over a shity play call..
    and lennyhoolyhan is not gonna throw anything deeper than 7 yards at him at his feet behind him..to show amari that there s no bigger bitch ,and keep his moth shut .is willing to sabotage the destiny of the dallas cowboys to prove to amari what kind A BITCH hes messing with
    cant confirm nor deny…just do the math

  14. the los angeles kings games at the forum where the shh,,u could tail gat a fr nyhr game ,and,come out between periods,and back in..then wayne gretzky started to build an arent,couldn't tail gate ,no in and outs ,any thing u wanna apply to your buzz,will now be sold by your host .at astronomical prices ,we built a stadium in down town la….is jj monopolizing the tailgate party?commandeer it ..ch ching

  15. that will free up amari because now the safety has to help as soon as the te gets by the linebacker…there s no linebacker that can cover a tight end
    also opens up options once .he becomes more versatile…now u haveapons

  16. Happy New year Law nation.Let's Get Things Rolling Cowboys.Let's Beat Them Seahawks.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ™πŸ™

  17. Pete Carrol is not a great coach in my opinion' if he were Seattle' would have one back- to back Superbowls' when u Dominant with beast mode' how can u throw the ball..I still remember the look on Richard Sherman face..he gonna ' cry when he get in the car..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  18. We need coach chris that's our best defensive coordinator….

  19. Happy new year LawπŸŽ‰

  20. Do you think Jerry could barter some input on the new OC as a bonus to him becoming the DC?

  21. Happy New year Law..Dak prove what I been sayin' all year long .it didn't shock me at all.. colin cow terd' show wat he was..a idiot..

  22. Bring it on SeattleπŸ€ β˜οΈπŸƒ

  23. Real Cowboys talk with Benjamin is about to go live with break down vs Seahawks!!!!! Check me out (YouTube Real Cowboys talk with Benjamin)

  24. What I don't get is you all give the QB the credit for W ? How many games this year was low scoring? Saints game for example 13-10 did Dak win that game no the defense did but Dak gets the WπŸ˜‚

  25. 🀠☝️

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