1. Thank you all for watching!!! This Dexter Lawrence guy is just NASTY!!! I love his skills… The guy is a beast!!!! Let me know what you all think of him…Also, his burst off the LOS is crazy…. I can only dream of a player with his skills playing with the Defense front that the Cowboys got now… Also, let me know of any other players that you all want me to take a real good look at…. #DC4L Salute!!!!!

  2. I've seen mock drafts suggesting the Colts will take this kid. And considering the Colts are truly committed to their claims of building from the trenches out, it wouldn't surprise me if they do. They're going to take either a defensive tackle, or an edge rushing defensive end in the first round.

  3. He's real good. Underrated, he's not as good as 99 Ferrell but he should be behind Williams n Oliver!

  4. Best D lineman in the draft. And it isn't close

  5. Big Dexter can do a standing back flip. He’s a freak. Dexzilla

  6. Ed Oliver from houston a nice DT too look at but no way we can get him but he a straight nasty dog thou

  7. He might slip too 2nd rd cause of drug suspension but he was a top 5 pk before that ,That drug test suspension messed his draft stock up big time so he will def fall 🙂

  8. Giving up a # ,1 for Cooper means no Dex Lawrence

  9. 320lb Kalen Saunders E Mich.he should be there ,check him out

  10. Dexter is a beast but we won't ever get him,he will be gone

  11. Great video I like your analysis ✌️

  12. He is a 1st round pick. So stop the madness.

  13. Ah a like minded thinker. So I have 6 names the cowboys I hope will look at, 1st is your here Dexter, 2nd Andy Isabella WR from UMASS, 3rd Jace Sternberger TE A&M, 4th Trayvon Williams RB ( as a scat back to Zeke) A&M, 5th Jaquan Johnson S Miami and lastly a kicker Cole Tracy LSU…. those are 6 guys I looked at film on and think could push this team to the next level… of course there are better prospects, but remember we have NO 1st rnd pick this year….

  14. Law a late round rb Justin hardy siac 2x player of the year plus he very strong and fast 💨

  15. He played in my division in highschool he is cold

  16. I bet he had 2 or 3 refrigerators at his house 😆 I bet there was no such thing as left overs 😂😂😂

  17. They should start getting 330 pounders . That's ah more reasonable weight for DT

  18. I like the idea but Dallas don't like heavyweight players . They always get all under 300 pounds . They bearly started getting woods and Collins at 315 pounds

  19. Jeffrey Simmons is 6"4 or 6"5 320 pounds he is relentless also and has elite strength led Mississippi state to num 3 defense in the nation and dexter Lawrence is a great player also I would like to have either one

  20. Cowboys gonna have to trade up to get a beast lol

  21. Do you think this dexter Lawrence guy could fall far enough for the cowboys to get him???

  22. He is a great player man I hope Jeffrey Simmons gets a DUI or something causing him to fall to the cowboys tho lol I know that's not a good thing to hope for but man he would be great on the cowboys

  23. Law, he failed a drug test, so he might drop to the end of the second round. Salute from your fan from Brazil

  24. Law I use to coach and mentor Sexy Dex and he comes from a good momma and he is a outstanding kid. And yes that guy can eat!

  25. This was a great video “he got 3 or 4 fridges in his house “😂😂😂

  26. They have Dexter Lawrence as the #2 DT and top 5 pick. Check out the whole Clemson D-Line all will get drafted the starting 4 within the 1st and 2nd round. The back-up DT that replaced Dexter in the playoffs due to his suspension was a Senior and is projected as 3rd to 5th round. Bryant is figured 2nd round, while Ferrell is top 10 pick, and the best overall Christian Wilkinson is top 15 pick.

    Wilkinson, is the leader of that front 4, the heart and soul of Clemson football team, he plays offense as well, he is the first one to greet his teammates that score (watch the film), he is the Scholastic Athlete of the year (all 4 yrs never a semester below 3.0), he volunteers, and substitute teacher grade school teaching kids to read. This kid is something special and if Dallas wants to make an impact play this is the kid.

  27. I should apologize, I assumed for a split second this video was political seeing Clemson in the title since that's all that's been on my news feeds. Thanks for keeping this channel a place I can get away from that and focus on DC and the game.

  28. I think we need to get this guy in the 2nd round! Being that we gave up our 1st round! This man can stuff what we couldn’t stuff before! He’s a MUST ADD in the draft! Realistically we should go DT 2nd and 3rd round!

  29. Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver, Rashan Gary, Christian Wilkins, Jeffrey Simmons, Derrick brown, Zach Allen, Jerry Tillery, Dremont Jones, Gerald Willis, Dexter Lawrence, Terry Beckner Jr, Isaiah Buggs. Those are all talented DTs and this list doesn’t even include all the talented DEs in this draft. Some of these players will fall in the draft due to how loaded it is. I think cowboys would be wise to finally invest in DT or O line again in the 2nd round. Look for gadget RB and slot WR in the 4th round or later and keep bulking up in the trenches. Hopefully we get two decent compensatory picks in the 4th or 5th round

  30. Take a look at Isaiah Simmons safety and linebacker Clemson . Mitchell Nashville, Tennessee.

  31. I actually think there is a chance he falls to second round. Teams are looking for pass rush DTs and Lawrence is a big guy that pretty much can only play the run. Since this draft is loaded with DTs with pass rush skill sets and he got suspended he could fall to second round.

  32. Just think he didn't even play in the playoffs. Shows you how good clemson's defense was! Him and Christian Wilkins will be gone the first 15!!!

  33. 6’4” 350 sounds like a new Tony Siragusa

  34. Law you and I both know the cowboys dont draft DT its what they do

  35. Only his failed drug test will his stock drop

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