1. Lineahan & Moore release before Super Bowl. Garrett extension bye Stephen Jones. Interior of Defense cause down fall Colts.

  2. Hey Law Check out this TE from Texas A&M Jace Sternberger https://youtu.be/pestdkjIYGY

  3. Yep, Law your right… despite our shortcomings, whatever at the end of the day. All we can do is support. I hate the Linehan decision. I'll call you out on Twitter, but this is my team for better or worse. Love your videos even tho I'm salty over this season. My bad for getting mad, I'm still here to support you and the Cowboys..

  4. The OC and Coach should be fired for not Running Smith more to spell Zeke or Darius Jackson or the running back that was on the practice squad, the fullback maybe he can run, we know he can't catch.

  5. So you are saying Linehan is capable of properly using Dak well then Garrett has to go for allowing Linehan not doing it.

  6. Billy D.Harden we need no plea bargains to retain Weakass Gameplan Linehan & his postgame jockstrap washing sidekick Kellen say no Moore.😉

  7. We can scratch Gary Kubiak off the list for possible OC the Vikings were smart enough to pull the trigger and sign possibly the best candidate available.

  8. Law check out

    How the Cowboys Defense Tipped Its Hand and Let the Rams Run All Over Them
    By keying into how the Dallas defensive line set up, L.A. allowed C.J. Anderson and Todd Gurley to run free—and punched their ticket to the conference championship game

    By Danny Heifetz Jan 13, 2019, 1:34pm EST

  9. OMG Law! This beat is fire.

  10. Linehan does not know how to use Dak

  11. Law the cowboys need a new offensive coordinator Scott.L stinks we need some new blood in there to work some magic with Dak….

  12. Rod Smith needs too many carries

  13. Zeke missed the open hole on 4 and 1 but he's perfect

  14. Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford are not winners everybody trying to blame Dak this organization is garbage for 24 years and Dak is a Tundra pickup he won't look better than Chevy or Ford but will last longer and get the job done

  15. Dak is cool but offensive line is washed up and we just need a good rb not superstar that's overpriced. Linehan has to go but fans have to stop supporting Jerry Jones and him blowing smoke up our butt every season

  16. Law check this statement buy Stephen Jones this just come out I guess in the las 30mins or so . When framed correctly, the open windows in Garrett's statement were glaring, and the firm follow-up by the junior Jones halted any speculation Linehan was somehow safe. By the way, Jerry Jones still hasn't said a word, and big changes tend to happen when he gets angry enough to stop talking.

  17. It's Ok. We lost. I can accept that. but I went into that game thinking 1 thing, 1 THING! If we lose, at least Linehan is gone. Anything else is unacceptable.

  18. At the end of the day I'm waiting on Jerry Jones to say that…

  19. Its comical that Cowboy brass held out Noah out for two full seasons and suddenly hes an integral part of the offense? lol  Hes not ready at all. Dallas is lacking seriously in the coaching dept and that's not going to change for quite a spell.

  20. True but three of Garretts seasons were 8-8 and that's very mediocre. He doesn't show the ability to lift this team to a higher level. Its the same story every season with good reason.

  21. How many times have we seen players come back and play hard against their old teams and no Tavon Austin???

  22. Dallas incredible bad luck with free agents returned Saturday as Antwann Woods was pushed around all night. Dallas' luck with free agents has become frighteningly bad. Who did anything really? The eagles have made a living with their free agents the last two years? Its incredible to witness the misfortune we have.

  23. Linehan needs to bring his ass down to the field

  24. Play action run to pass the ball we tried to stuff Zeke down their throat when we should have trusted our quarterback

  25. Could be staying, but its not definite yet.

  26. I don’t think Dak is the issue. For 3 years,, Dak hasn’t had a legitimate “Vertical WR” Dez is a possession guy. His offense has zero imagination and my problem with him is that he didn’t adapt. How is it possible Tavon Austin had so few touches, so few end arounds, how about a regular toss sweep. Also we haven’t had a legitimate vertical TE. I haven’t seen any deep post routes or post corners…
    His scheme is poor because a vertical offense won’t work in today’s NFL unless you have the right weapons, Gallup came on late he drop balls, ran the wrong routes and was the cause of INT. Why is the running game so boring? The rams embarrassed us with scheme. Not talent. Chiefs, Scheme and talent. This year, Patriots scheme and out coach you! We have to go beyond trying to “out talent” or “out execute”, how about out scheming someone.

  27. Well its about time we come to the harsh reality that Garrett has actually been our CO offensive coordinator the last 8+ years. Scott and Garrett put together game plans every week. Its the only way I see why Linnehan is here. It actually makes sense. Like Jerry has been the decision maker/headcoach , Garrett is the offensive coordinator.  Linnehan is there because he lets Garrett help him along. Its sad because as Troy once said, "the Cowboys are a dysfunctional franchise" and hes 100% right.

  28. Jason G always says the same shit. he always talks good about other teams just not his?

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