1. Dak gonna have to use cooper more in play fakes and go elsewhere if they bracket 19 can’t force it ! Need the protection too so he can throw it to gallup Beasley or Elliot and hurns . Eventually teams catch up and put all their emphasis on the burners I looking forward to hurns and gallup to have huge games if Dak sees this he can have a 300 plus game if Elliot struggles rushing he has to step up and manipulate the defense in most drives !

  2. Super Cooper at it again

  3. You cannot run screens all the time, when they as surprise is when a screen is most successful. Amari Cooper has been the biggest difference in the cowboys offensive success. He has made some third down conversions just from his own effort and some have been difficult catches. He is very very very good. Cowboys have a chance now that they have Amari. If Oline can continue improving and giving Dak more time, then we will have success at long pass.

  4. Dude we gotta get Amari Cooper some screen passes! Zeke kills on those! Imagine what Coop can do! He’s got a lil more burst than Zeke so he can take those to the house man!

  5. Love Coop great pick up👍

  6. I wanna see more Noah Brown

  7. Coops hand was on top of ball and it was still. That’s why they got it. He thought it was over from what I saw. Oh well, bad calls all the way

  8. Great Film LAW NATION

  9. imagine if Dak would settle down in the pocket when he isnt under durress and trust the blocksand just keep his eyes downfield and deliver. Has anyone looked at his mechanics from his rookie year and now? Im curious of theyhave regressed any due to QB coaching?

  10. I wish we had more quick reads for Dak so he could stop taking all these damn sacks and fumbles. And every team they play they kill them with screens. Why don't we run more screens to Zeke or even a fake to Beasley like we did against the saints

  11. Law🤙🏽 big week, we need to put away Philadelphia! Cooper is 6’1-1/2” 215… with speed! So all good! We needed him and he needed us! It was a match made in heaven ! Now and for future! He teaches the nuisance of Pro Wide Receivers! Go Dallas Cowboys! LawNation! 808-Yong

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