1. Beasely put up most of his stats on critical 3rd down spot plays. He's not playing very many 1st and 2nd downs in comparison to other slot wrs. He's just a possession receiver with limited deep ball skillsets but he is still more productive than the #2 wr and the entire te core at open rate, catch rate, 3rd down conversion rates. Avg yards per catch and TDS. We're comparing Beaselys spot plays on critical 3rd down to what other slot wrs whose stats are generated on all 3 downs.

    He's moving the chains and drawing double coverage but he's consistently putting up all his stats on do or die 3rd Down plays and doesn't get any opportunities on non critical 1st and 2nd down plays.

    Beaselys production looks exactly the same as other slot wrs but they are getting more snaps and targets and catches on 1st and 2nd Downs when there is more of an element of surprise then when you're asked to only go out and be the hero on 3rd down. When it's predictable and you're getting blanketed and doubled but you're #2 is drawing single coverage and the te isn't drawing coverage just containment.
    His stats appear that he is playing every snap like the #2 wr but he's Producing more than the #2 wr on 1/3 less snaps when everyone on God's Green Earth knows your passing the Ball. If you want to compare anybody's production to Beaselys take out all the 1 and 2nd down snaps and compare their Production only on 3rd Down.

    That's why he's always been better than Twill. Beasely is getting most all of his Production on limited 3rd down opportunities and these other guys are Producing less playing every down. 3 catches for 33 yards may not sound that hot until you take into consideration that Beasely is Producing only on 3rd downs and doesn't have the luxury of playing all 3 downs like alot of slot wrs. Or #2 wrs Otherwise he would have triple the targets and Production if he was playing 1st and Second downs. Beasely you're a Stud. someone will value your abilites on 1st and 2nd down. Don't take a penny less than 8 Million Dollars. Go with a team that will value your open and catch rate and targets based upon how many snaps .

    These tes and #2 wrs ain't better than you Beasely. Let see how clutch Swaim and Twill or Jarwin and Gallop is at moving the chains on 3rd Down.

    They won't even avg 1 catch per game converting on 3rd Down or draw a double team.

    Go get your 8 million and get out of this everydown te led passing offense that's dead last in offense. You will never reach your full potential in DC Nation because they will never value the slot wr player over the te or #2 wr position regardless of the Talent Level.

    DC Nation is a slot wr killer. 6-7 years later they still talking smak about you're size and you're too little to play etc but you'll find someone who will value the player over the position. Don't take a penny less than 8 million. 3 catches for 33 yards doesn't seem like much until you have to punt the ball 2-3 more times per game

  2. Draft Terry godwin or Terry mclaurin or Preston Williams and we good

  3. I like Cole. I have since Romo. Cole is a solid receiver. Like the one in the back of the end zone. Not only does he make the catch. But he stays in bound. And can make a back throw; a good catch. If Dak is getting sacked. And throws to Beasley. I'd bet on Beasley catching it 99% of the time. Would be nice to keep Beasley at least one more year.

  4. how much more money do you figure it gives a player just being on a Super Bowl winning team? I imagine actually playing in the Bowl and either having a pivotal impact or scoring,i imagine will certainly help your pocket cheddar when it comes to salary considerations. man, I'd take that $9 million you mentioned in freakin rolled pennies if it came down to it! does Beasley have any punt or kick off returns for touch downs,or does he just catch and stop?we definitely need some fire when it comes to returning on special teams. thanks again Lawman. ▪☆☆☆▪

  5. They need a lot of underneath Patterson for dak and attack the middle of defenses.

  6. I think Cole Beasley has been the forgotten and Odd-man Out after Amari Cooper made It There ! I know he's just A Slot-receiver for Dallas, but He is Pretty reliable Whenever It Come's-down to Crunch-time In different Game's ! Now as far as the Money Situation he's expecting from the Cowboys Organization, i'm Not too Sure If Dallas Is Gonna-be Willing to Pay him What He Might-be expecting them to Pay him this Off-season Here ! Maybe Dallas might have A hidden Ram-in-the-Bush that they're Not actually talkin' about right as of Now ! I believe that if Cole Beasley does leave Dallas this Off-season here He might End-up with Either the 49er's, the Panther's, or the Patriot's Organization's One ! I myself Law Nation Say Go-ahead On and Pay the dog'gone Man(#11) his Lil 'Ole-bitty asking Price for his Service's, before He eventually Goes-off Somewhere's else and End-up getting him A Superbowl Ring there One-day ! But those Jones's Dallas Cowboys Team/Organization Probably Won't even consider doing that there before the Pre-season Start's-up Though, i Betcha that One 4-Sho'….

  7. Cole has be making wonderful catches Chris Carter is blind about Beasley ability to make sucessful plays

  8. Law you can't count Tom Brady money to other QB'S he told that deal because he's already made plenty of money and wants Superbowls well the NFL gives him them i guess.I point is no other QB is taking that amount at a younger age if their numbers are solid.

  9. JERRY Jones said today in a interview today cowboys is a long ways from a super Bowl.

  10. Beasely had just 300 yards in 17 ?    Hes a character. He thinks hes that goat on 3rd down in NE. He couldn't shine his shoes.

  11. Law check out deebo from South Carolina

  12. Law, you do realize that Dak is on a 4th round rookie contract. That is why his contract is so low.

  13. He's over 30 and starting to get injured alot, isn't it time for him to go play for the Redskins.

  14. Soon as they pay Dak the production won't match the money! Cap hell again smh

  15. Cole is over 70% completion rate when thrown to him. He's a slot wr. No one said he wants to be #1. He wants 5-6 targets a game. That's not asking much ffs

  16. Sometimes hof are wrong and that one

  17. I'm sorry but cole is dang near uncoverable. He was bracketed in 2017 and didn't get many catches. 2016 he had his best year cuz dak threw to him cuz he was open.

  18. So you paid number 17. More than cole

  19. CC speaking facts. Beasley probably be out of Dallas for his comments this season. Imo Fuck em

  20. Law Check out Kavontae Turpin from TCU. He's a guy who could slip to us in the later rounds

  21. Cole ain't got Jarvis talent in my opinion

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