1. Law Nation is the best Cowboys Channel on YouTube by far๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  2. They made it a Dak friendly team but not a Dak friendly offense with Dak friendly play designs.

  3. Romo can make the throws Dak can't. With a better QB coach and OC that will use his strengths to the offenses advantage he will come around.

  4. Dak can throw a 75 yards pass, if allow to do so.

  5. That's all they need to do is let Dak play his game he already showed that he has the intangibles to do whatever Heathrow better on the roll out if people pay attention

  6. Mark Holmes is a con artist and dak cult leader

  7. Romo was and is a better qb than dak. Romo was the true leader on the team. Woodson is asking guys that's insane locker room now. Ain't none of them gonna pick romo when he ain't in the locker room. And why won't you let those videos play out you shut them off right when they start getting on dak.

  8. If Dallas beats the Bucs and Giants they will be 9-3 vs the nfc which bodes very well in the playoffs!!

  9. The Bears were 2-2 vs the afc and Dallas was 1-3. So if they end up tied Dallas has the tie breaker with a better conference record. If Sf beats Chicago, the Bears then have the desperate Vikings in Minnesota? Dallas wins sunday with a Bear loss, they have a very good chance of getting the 3rd slot.

  10. Sf is coming off a nice win over hot Seattle. Can they upset the Bears @ Sf and have Dallas playing all starters vs the Giants a week from sunday? The Cowboys will have the 3rd spot if they beat Tampa and New York with Chicago losing the final two. With Dallas 1-3 record vs the afc they have to have the better conference record over Chicago should they be tied at 10-6. It'd be 9-5. Chicago has the desperate Vikngs on the road after a trip to Sf. Chicago loses sunday and the door is very open for the 3rd spot.

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