1. Didn’t catch the live 95 but I’m in Jersey! I started following you last year with different account! Let’s get this dub law! I wanna keep watching cowboys matchups for another month!

  2. Believe it or not, the NFL wasn't always about high flying 40 yard bombs. That seems to be a thing that didn't start coming into fashion until mid to late 70s. This team reminds me of watching old school football footage. Hell, tight ends used to block…lol (I'm only half joking here). Dak can get off some good yardage passes but it's not their one trick. This is probably a reason they don't have a ton of interceptions. They have a strong running back game. They have lots of run after the catch game. They have a criminally underrated receiver who comes through in those 3rd and 6 plays called Beasley. They have an educated Quarterback with a Master's degree in Workforce leadership ( a psychology field) which I think is part of the reason this team loves him and follows him. And they have a Quarterback who isn't afraid to run that ball and take a shot. He's about as tough as any running back. Too many times people want a team with all flash and no smash. I like the Cowboys' dynamic. Can and will they improve? I'm sure they will. But as it is, I like our well rounded tough Cowboy team. They got more than just flash. They got smash when times call for smash, and they got it on the O and the D. This is an already good young team with nothing but growth in their future. I'm a Cowboy fan since the mid 80s stuck up here in Eagles ( boooooo…) territory. How bout them Cowboys y'all? You go Zeke, Dak, Amari, and my man Beasley. I know y'all love them haters. Take that negativity and turn it into points boys. Peace from the north east Law nation.

  3. Cowherd always doublespeak to cover his ass. Dak will win the SUPERBOWL THIS YEAR AND NEXT AND NEXT.
    THAT'S 3 IN A ROW Colin!!!!
    HOF will welcome Dak with open arms.

  4. I love that saying u say . About when u felling down ect …

  5. Being Dak, pay no attention to any pass players! Just play beyond your own potential… remain humbled if not you would find yourself wondering why didn't I listen to myself? 🤔 Cowboys of 2000's is known for not winning only a couple playoffs appearances then a lost! I say to you play at the highest level of play!

  6. if we didn't beat Seattle Collin wouldn't been like iv said it 100 times daks just not good enough he s tebow. i hate this dude

  7. ESPECIALLY ROB PARKER!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  8. They really key in on our quarterback for negative things when other QBs out here doing the worst nobody highlights it. Its clearly a Dallas Cowboy thang.

  9. Go reply to my question on Twitter homie 😂 did you notice how rough that knee shot was that Dak took on the 16 yrd qb scramble that flipped him

  10. Law!🤙🏽! Colin is flip flop on Dallas…he hates us and Dak! I just want to win to shut him up and all the doubters out there! Go Dallas Cowboys! Saturday can’t come soon enough! LET’S GO! Come on let’s ball! 🤙🏽, Yong Wilson

  11. They always compare Dak to first rounders

  12. Collin cowturd because he's full of it

  13. Yea, but Troy goes out of his way to prove he's not a homer!! I hate when they do our games……….

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