1. Pretty much all NFL quarterback for Dink and dunk nowadays. That's why their completion rates are so high. Dak doesn't do it anymore than anybody else.

  2. TE, absolutely! Very few teams win a championship without a great tight end!

  3. Dak avoids taking credit for anything individually.

  4. Law
    I've listened to a couple of videos where you are saying that Dak should not be compared to other quarterbacks that were number one draft picks because it's not Apples to Apples. The main thing is that Dak is a starting quarterback of an NFL franchise. That levels the playing field. The only place it matters about him being a fourth-round pick is in the salary cap but performance-wise you have to compare him to the other starting quarterbacks in the NFL with consideration for the number of years that he has played which you always rightfully take into account. Dak is an amazing young man, a good quarterback , and an excellent leader. He needs a better offensive coordinator and a better quarterbacks coach.

  5. Law nation. Stop talking shit about this quarterback DP in Dallas he is fucking garbage dude I’m tired of you getting on YouTube making up excuses & making comparisons

  6. From the numbers it seems Dak is more effective… That arm and leg duo keeps teams on their toes. Also, I only see one quarterback with playoff stats.. but I digress lol

  7. Tell me one team in the NFL that’s going to pay this Dallas quarterback 20 to 25,000,000 a year

  8. Hurd. N Gallup gone b the heroes 4 this game

  9. Merriman is a moron . Stfu .Right now not a big difference between the two .

  10. I was more worried losing Witten than Dez! And I love Dez!

  11. If dak had a tight end he wouldn't hold the ball long and they would score more def zone touchdowns

  12. The Cowboys defense in 2016 was not a great defense!

  13. Wentz's is better in know I do believe that Dak will better when it's all and said

  14. Beat make u want to freestyle

  15. Hey brother I just watched the video that your showing in yours and I commented the same thing that your saying there is only one person on the Whitlock show that is smart the rest are morons.

  16. Most of these quarterbacks to me personally are overpaid /DAK is good for about 12 to 15 million


  18. And remember………

  19. Dak could not make this throw to save his life” oh yea how about Last year against Arizona 2 bombs to brice butler rolling out of pocket. This panel is pathetic and biggest haters ever idiots

  20. Never thought there was a “gap”

  21. Didn’t Dak win the Rookie of the Year?

    Same Rookie Season ask Wentz as well, right?

    Wentz was drafted in the first round. Dak was drafted in the 4th. Goes back to what I been saying, it doesn’t matter where you’re drafted. It’s how you perform and execute.

  22. It’s not about Prescott benefiting it’s about being carried and it’s only brought up because people keep bringing up his winning percentage

  23. He’s just a hater that’s all it is I think dak is more clutch he obviously has more wins and he can handle pressure I don’t think Carson is good under pressure and he just doesn’t look the same I’ve noticed a lot everybody says dak sucks dak can’t do this and that but he outplayed drew brees in every stat so idk what else to say I’m happy with dak as my QB.

  24. Compare dak romo aikman first 3 seasons please

  25. 59 tds +17 rushing that link is helpful😉

  26. Cowboy Nation what's up!Dak is doing big things man people just don't want to give him the credit that's due as
    you have shown. It's like Jerry says he knows he can win with Dak, he's got confidence in Dak. He is one of the most important things that people don't talk about. His team believes in him and the rally around him he has great leadership qualities. And like it's already been said this is a team in all sense of the word.

  27. Everytime marcellus talks i cringe this guy has no credibility how he has a job i do not know. That whole show is a joke period nothing but cowboy haters. But i like when you do these statistic videos. Mind you romo always had good receivers. Terry glenn, TO, dez, miles austin etc thats why his stats were great plus he was a great thrower. Dak needs one more goon next to amari. I respect gallup but i think one more goon will lift this offense. Draft a te, rt because lael is awful or move him to guard.

  28. I’m sick of Dak apologists giving Dak the excuse: “He’s not expected to throw for 400 yards a game and 3 TD’s”

    People know that Dak is far inferior to Carson Wentz.

    Here is why; Last season Carson Wentz could have and WOULD have won the MVP if he hadnt gone down. That is not because Wentz play the position the right way. Carson Wentz isn’t struggling with basic QB fundamentals like stepping up in the pocket and throwing the ball away to avoid turnovers. Dak is.

    People give Dak every excuse. But here’s the thing:

    Dak Prescott can EASILY be better than Wentz. He doesn’t even need to throw for 500 yards. Its basics. He’s missing wide open WR’s taking unnecessary sacks, throwing unnecessary picks and missing routine passes that a “franchise QB” should be making.

    All Dak has to do is make the best of his opportunities. That is all. If he gets a wide open WR, hit him. Thats all you can ask for from him. Go throw your progressions. Thats all. Nobody is asking for him to mimic or compete with anybody. Just be the best version of Dak.

  29. That shawne always speaks nonsense

  30. 76TD vs 69TD and 28 to 22 for picks… and more wins … and a better completion % I don’t think u can say Wentz is better. Maybe has better arm talent but that’s not everything..

  31. What's good Law! Dak prescott is comparable to Avery Johnson of the spurs. Avery couldn't shoot but they put players around him to make up the difference and win it all. We can play a different style of football that will produce wins. Numbers don't lie but they don't tell the whole story. Dak is an above average qb who raises his game to the moment. Tony Romo was a great qb who seemed to shrink during the moment. One more thing those numbers don't show is that a confident ,accurate qb will take chances that dak won't and will throw more int's than dak . Given all of this, i will give dak his room to grow our nation and get his ring. Let's go Cowboys!

  32. Don’t forget Tom Brady wasn’t a first round pick just like Dak

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