1. David needs to get his shit together already or just be a lowlife piece of shit and hang up his cleats. "Dammit Boy ,When? When are you going to get your act together?"

  2. David Irving ruled out for this Saturday . We wont see him vs the rams

  3. He gotta get rid of that woolite patch on his head if he wants to wear that star!!! lol

  4. Law should be talking on sunday mornings buddy.

  5. "David has a bellyache Jerry, he get nervous to play in front of everyone. " says a sympathetic Pastor Garrett lol

  6. Pastor Garrett needs to pray concerning Irving. David should be depressed making millions of dollars and working 48 hours a year. lol

  7. the guy has elite talent but unfortunately his head is not in the place that he is going to be much good for anything… on or off the field. playing football for the Dallas Cowboys is absolutely out of the question… I'm not sitting the guys who have been in the trenches fighting for each now that they've made the playoffs… this is something that you sacrifice and earn. he has not earned the right to be here… I wouldn't throw the guy away… he needs to get his situation with the team straightened out first and foremost… then if he's able to do that he needs to prepare himself to come into season season the same way Tank Lawrence has the past 2 seasons…

  8. Big up yoself Law Nation DCFL🤠

  9. I’m out on David at this point. Where was he all this time, sorry it’s hard to trust someone that shows up when you’re doing good.

  10. Only 4 more games to go Cowboy Nation!

  11. 4:40 …And BLEEED for it.

  12. LOL I admit I regurgitate a lot of your analysis on Sundays LOL I don't tell anyone and now I'm a football guru among friends.

  13. I agree law. Irving would probably just be a few flags.

  14. I WILL HUNT Lord Muller down in two weeks

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  16. The best ability is what?? __________________

  17. You are speaking facts 💯👍👍👍

  18. I feel as if this was planned for some reason

  19. I am not made at him, put him in the fold it’s time to use every Dam body!

  20. Can we make a run like the Eagles did last yr

  21. Talent is talent he do need to play this week he just needs to be back at the facility and I get his life in order

  22. They should stick with Irving, he'll be cheap and he's a good player

  23. LETS GO COWBOYS never doubted garrett in my life I swear on the redskins

  24. Law with his size he will affect Wison up the middle

  25. Law
    Much respect my man
    Randy's in a mental rehab situation as you put out this content about what Dallas's stance on this should be

    Randy's Mental Health issues are on record
    I, for one, admire JJ & the FO for Pioneering an inclusive approach to Mr Gregory's dilemma

    They'd be remiss to fold on David Irvin's situation in light of how they've proved all wrong concerning Randy

    We generally, not myself, said D Law was a bust
    We said Ty Crawford is a waste oil at Byron & Anthony Brown
    Jaylon & LVE's draft

    We gotta learn to trust our franchise with Will McClay in the midst
    They've been more right then wrong

    And both JJ & JG have recently gone in record salvitating the return of David Irvin for the playoffs6

    There's more positiveness to this than our unknown assumptions of negative possibilities
    They would've IR'd Mr Irvin by now
    They would've prepared to release him in the off-season already

    Trust in not only the team but those who own & run it fronted top down

    Remember the above we'd already said cut months & years ago WHI we're heaping PRSISE upon now

    Prayerfully David Irvin will become an upheld member of our esteem in due time

    It is a man's livelihood in the line afterall
    We don't pay his salary
    But by absolutely no means do I disagree with you on disrupting what chemistry & development of those who've stood in in his absence

    He has to re-earn his starting role
    But be ready, willing & able to fill-in if & when needed


  26. I dig the Malcolm X glasses bro. They suit you well

  27. David Irving see you in training camp. In shape, Cowboys give him contract play for 💰 pay. Salute

  28. Guys, LET DAVID IRVING jump in on this thing!!!!-we need all the help available

  29. Jolly Green Giant All of a Sudden Wants to contribute!!

  30. Law what poem was that

  31. Irving is a talented player, but I his backups ( Gregory, Taco ) have been putting the good work. So we should hold off on him till like the divisional round

  32. Man I have been looking up updates on David Irving since he went down ,away, or whatever and now to hear this from Law Boy that’s y I follow this guy BIG UPS Thanks for the news

  33. David has alot 9f gall to show up now, at this time. I careless what his reasons are, child custody or divorice or whatever. You can't support squat if you ain't working. He has always let this team down. No way in hell he would step foot on my football field.

  34. From the comments, it's obvious none of you know the NFL business. Women groupies make themselves "available" to these men EVERYWHERE they go but especially to/from games. They know all of the team movements, practices and hotels. They are skilled at manipulation, suddenly appearing half-ass naked or scantily clad to display their ass to young men.

    Most of these prostitutes, sluts, hoes & groupies are white.

    They hit a demographic: poor, rural, gullible, fatherless BLACK young males aged 20 to 29 or so with big dicks, big libido and big MONEY…for which they will do anything, anywhere, anytime. The aim is to get the goodies by any means necessary:

    Rape allegations

    I've been following the cowboys since 1960, have only missed 4 games in 59 years, have stayed in the same hotels with them numerous times and women hustlers coming at these youngsters is a cottage industry. The women cannot lose! They know this. They can literally hit a player, slap, punch, kick or kill WITH IMPUNITY…and…the player MUST stand there and take it or run.

    David Irving is in such a bind now with your prototypical money-grubbing, vicious, mentally unstable narcissistic psychopath…who…happens to have a vagina…so…he is going through a living hell dealing with her and the baby he mistakenly allowed this insane bitch to bear [she lied to him…said she was using contraceptives…he still used condoms but she extracted the semen without his knowledge to extract money from him].They have had fights; she would hit him…he would inevitably defend himself…and…in this godless, demonic nation where the man must just stand still and let a woman kill him, not fight or run like a coward.


    He is fighting legal battles…it has greatly affected him mentally, physically [he's lost 20+ lbs] and emotionally. She is exactly like the women who attacked Elliott, Kareem et al. The same spirit. The same type. And, what is about to happen, since men get no redress in the courts of gynocracy…they…will take matters into their own hands.

    Women will start to come up missing…

    You err in your shallow assessment and are mistaken in judgment.

  35. That right law nation from Terry Jenkins

  36. LawNation 🤙🏽, Erving needs the $$ and wants to be apart of the PLAYOFFS! Let’s go!!! Go Dallas Cowboys! Aloha Yong Wilson …yup ☯️

  37. Im Glad to hear my dude is back it's sumthin special in him & if he gets all of it right instead of all saying get rid of him y'all be having the same 🎶 as Randy Gregory now about him. Just last year we was hollering that same tune about Gregory we'll some of y'all was not me im all about fairness & what a person can do before hollering let him go he no good to us when how do we know he not cause he having outside trouble the man is young give him a chance first to turn thing's around & see D-Irvin is very talented & a big guy & let's not forgot we got an injured Tyrone Crawford also Irvin can disrupt a passing QB cause he is so tall if you think about it that's some what of what we bout to face & def face down the stretch we need that disruptors let the man prove him self the word say study to show thy self approval so let him play also in Jerry world you not bout to be healthy can play but collect free money oh no no no no you getting out there one way or another.

  38. I think Belly Irvin was listening to you, Foots, Voch & Akoye yesterday🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂; COWBOYSNATION⭐️🤠

  39. Law nation you sure right..hes got to earn his spot again. he's got to be here from day one!

  40. Man your content is on another level. I respect the intellectual commentary you output , keep it up Law!

  41. I think there's a lot more to his all-year absence than we and the media knows. So I won't pass judgement on the man's situation. You never know what's going on in a person's life and you could find yourself in the exact situation so in my opinion, let the first person with no sin cast the first stone!

  42. Law nation let me sample this for one of my hooks man. I would appreciate that so much man and I would put you name on it ha

  43. Irving had some personal issues that he felt was more important than football. Not mad at him for that. Correct me if I'm wrong but he stepped out to deal with custody battles for his child. Now if people want to knock him for that I'd say you should examine yourselves.

  44. If they stuck with Randy Gregory threw multiple incidents, they'll sort threw Irving's soul. He's 26!

  45. Dallas played this so perfect.

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