1. I feel for Tavon. An avulsion fracture is where a part of the bone is pulled away with the muscle or ligament. I've seen these on X-rays as I used to work in Emergency Rooms while on active duty. He can recover from it though. Good luck Tavon and God Bless you man.

  2. Damn bro did Facebook shut you down?

  3. the defense ,zeke, ac,are carrying dak..i don't know if they can overcome dak on the road

  4. We have to look at punters the opposing team has the ball pass the 25 most of the time and our special teams are garbage as a whole

  5. U have to look out for people taking cheat shots at your starters before playoffs though this stuff is halfway rigged and money from different directions is on the line NFL is under entertainment

  6. Most profound comment, "It is what it is."

  7. I would play all the starters for the rest of the season remember 2016 the packers

  8. I would try to win this game against the colts, then rest against the bucs, and limit snaps for the starters against the giants

  9. Law, always enjoy listening, keep up the good work man and it will pay off for u and when it does all of cowboy nation benefits

  10. Punk ass eagle fans still talking about what if…. 😂😂 It's hilarious

  11. When is Linnehan gonna bring 10 into the offense? lol When he was healthy he wasn't used. You can rest Elliott a little and still win games. Still Law Elliott is limping around some. Let Smith and Olawale get a few more carries or catches. But yes winning games is important. The sitting of starters in week 17 in 2016 was a huge mistake. Garrett didn't rest em in the 2014 finale.

  12. What a shock that Austin has an injury much more serious then a regular groin injury? Its uncanny how unlucky the Cowboys are with free agents. Jerry shouldn't even bother to sign players anymore. Another year with no production from their signees. Thompson is gone and Hurns/ Austin are nothing. A waste of salary cap money. Joe Thomas has been a disappointment and Woods is up and down. Is Fleming an nfl starter? lol You sit there and just shake your head. Last season was that the veteran cb Carroll who played several years in the league or a 3rd stringer they signed from the Otawa Roughriders? Ok Looney has done very well run blocking but not as a pass blocker. Who makes the decisions on our free agent signees? Garrett is just not a guy thats gonna win it all. He is just out there. He could sign an effective punt/kickoff returner and he doesn't? How many times does Dak start a drive inside his 20? Garrett is oblivious to his awful field position.

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