1. Im nervous for Zeke this week. They're on the brink and I'm worried he's going to get injured. I hope not but these are the type of games that lead to something bad happening. They're going hard and they might get punched in the face this week

  2. Dallas 38-23!!!
    Bold Predictions!!!
    Dak 3 TDs Zekkkkkk 🍴 over 150 scrimmage yrds and 2Tds!!!

  3. Law, I think that the cowboys win the game 27 to 20 against the Colts we get 2 turnovers….. Go boys

  4. One thing I like about the cowboys is the high standard that they have. Every time we go into another teams stadium we give them respect we don’t go to their symbol and stand on their eagles head. So and other things are prevalent. 🤠🤑😉👍

  5. James harden a cowboys fan ? 😂😂 Solute brother Law

  6. With Jarwin and Schultz putting up 25 yards and two first downs in the ot winning drive, are the horses at te already in the stable?  That's one of many things that'll be very interesting to see @ Indy. The last time we played the Colts we destroyed them in 2014.

  7. Its odd that our offensive  line can look so awful at times but at the end of the day, they have 400-500 yards like last sunday? Is Dak how its gonna be the rest of the year? Can Dallas just Gallup into the post season with some backup linemen?

  8. Can Dak finally start hitting the long passes so Dallas can Gallup into the winners circle earlier in games?

  9. Colts DLINE not in zip code as Saints or Eagles ( Fletcher Cox)! Colts DB’s are not better Latterimore Saints, Norman Redskins against Beasley, Cooper, Gallup now Baldwin TE !

  10. Law… what ever happened to the Cowboys using power i-formation with Zeke a FB and TE or sometimes Zeke a FB and 2 TEs when we r inside the 5-6 yard line 1st and goal… we just NEVER do that anymore, is our FB that bad? … i know it’s boring power football for the casual fan… but with the right personnel IT SCORES TDs

  11. Colts o-line cant stop us. Philly line is way better and we pressured and sacked #11.

  12. if our front seven was able to get to Drew Brezze than they can get to Luck👍

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