1. Law it's time for us to kill to Birds with one stone' play- offs is on the line..we got to be live like'95 like u said..Lve' and Jaylin is ballin..

  2. In the next year or so I can see everyone saying how we have the best LB core in the league. These boys are nice

  3. Like the "Stranded on Death Row" reference

  4. Got a 54 Smith jersey on my Christmas list and it wont be the blue one

  5. A win @ Atlanta and Dallas at 5-5 has 4 of the last 6 at Arlington.

  6. We'll see if we can get away from complacency and be focused in the coming weeks? Can they finally take advantage of the weak east !!!!!!!!!?

  7. Atlanta just gave up over 200 yards rushing to Chubb & Co. so the game sunday is in the hands of the offensive line run blocking. Can Marenilli get the defense back to the form of earlier in the season. Defense has been rather soft the last two weeks.

  8. Jerry needs to chill with Dak. Hes not gonna get a Rodgers deal so see what he does year 4. The priorities are Smith and Lawrence who I believe are free agents. Dak and Elliott are 2020 concerns I think. Malik Collins the dt has been a disappointment. Lael needs to e considered at guard and not right tackle.

  9. The only other thing is teams give their all when they play us..its like their sb

  10. Law let me do a lil 16 to that beat!lol πŸ’ͺπŸΏπŸ™πŸΎ

  11. Jaylon Smith is my favorite Cowboys playerπŸ‘

  12. Jaylen don’t play…..he a beast….Mac truck coming at u!

  13. 55LVE: Yo, da real deal.

  14. Boyz "D" iz off da chain: Law, mi Gut feelin'. Atlanta Falcons are Goin' down. iThink, Scott Linehan Gitz it now after c'N hiz pla selections aGainst Philly. Cowboys vs Falcons will be a revenGe Game.

  15. Aikman coached that 95 SB XXX win… IMO

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