1. There is really no point in talking about anything more related to Dallas. We all know how they will lose in playoffs most likely first game! Nothing new here sane old same old Dallas nothing new

  2. It is hard to stay focused and take 1 game at a time when there are dak cult leaders on other channels

  3. Play at least a half of sum good ol football

  4. Do you think we can sign dj form the Redskins

  5. They dead in the playoffs just watch

  6. Good video law I agree. Have one question did you play ball in HS

  7. The offense having a big game would do a lot for their confidence going into the playoffs.

  8. The 'UGLY DUCKLINGS'will shock the N.F.L.🤣🤣

  9. Law agree with you one hundred percent. Feed the Beast🤠✌🏻

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