1. Randy Gregory 3 sacks…… really man ????

  2. No point in having time of possession advantage cause if we don’t score TD and get down we won’t have time to come back

  3. Mark Holmes is a con artist and dak cult leader

  4. Sticking with the same tgame plan not going to work. How many games have we played where we dominate the opponent and mid way through 3q we only have 9 or 13 points scored. Than one mistake and poof the other team is back in the game. Also 10 13 play drives are no good because eventually a holding call will happen from our offensive line.

  5. I already deleted this game from my memory. Its irrelevant. Just humbles us a bit, which is what we need. And the launch Linehan into the stratosphere.

  6. Holding it down here in Naptown… Let's go hot boys, Zeke Zeke Zeke, Mr. Cooper end they night… 23-17 Cowboys wins!

  7. I say Gallup has a great game him and dak are just a bit off.. They get it right lets GO COWBOYS!

  8. Thx Mr. L.n. let's kick some ass!!!!

  9. Were worried about this game not the other two week take good teams out not bo lil wack teams

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